Battery Boxes OR Trays?

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1 vote for a box. I shortened mine to the battery height. Then placed the battery into the box and installed as a unit. It was the only way I could do it. have an old starcraft ss160 and the battery sits in kind of hole next to the transom so in and out with the battery is tough It never gets removed unless replacement is necessary..
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This sure looks a lot like an ammo can.
That's interesting. I googled and found some on Amazon. Most seem to reference lithium ion batteries rather than lithium phosphate (LifePO4) batteries. I still believe there is much less risk with LifePO4 batteries. I'm sure there was a great deal of concern carrying a tank of gasoline when cars replaced horse drawn carriages. I'm a big believer in safety, but sometimes we could take it too far. I wear a life vest, so if a thermal event occurs I'll go overboard. LOL
I wonder how explosion proof it really is. I saw what an AA battery did when it exploded, and it was almost shocking. If a 100 AH battery really went up, I don't know if that can would be able to contain it.

I think it may be an opportunistic attempt to profit while stroking people's fears. Since LiFeP04 batteries came out, I have heard nothing about them blowing up like the Lithium Ion batteries.

Here is what a Lithium Ion battery did to my neighbor's house a few years ago. He was all excited and happy to be going solar, and this this happened. He barely got out alive:


For a long time after, I was very skeptical of going lithium. Now, I have (3) LiFeP04's and am very happy with them. I still only charge them out in the shed, not in the house!
Man! You could warm up your tea real quick with that stuff. :)

We did similar experiments with sodium back in jr. high school. Of course with a much smaller quantity to keep it safe.

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