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I don’t understand the need for two pucks either.

Kevin, with IPLink you can assign the GPS signal source. My understanding is that it’s best to assign the puck as the GPS source. At least with Bluetooth models the puck is the GPS source for the Terrova. Since there is no direct network connection to the puck I suppose the Terrova sees the puck via BT and relays that info to the network for Humminbirds, etc.

Thinking about this further the above may create latency but, at least all devices on the network agree on the position.
No....the puck is only a magnetic compass that converts to digital to the Terrova. The GPS is in the head of the Terrova. The puck just tells the motor which direction the boat is pointed.

A puck for a 1198 or 997 humminbird?? Might actually be GPS.

Nowadays the GPS in located in the humminbird head pucks.
However in a networked system, It might be possible with the IPLink to choose one of your HB devices as the GPS source...I mean after all, when I mark a waypoint, it's based on where my REAR transducer is located and the HB unit is located...which is 17' behind where my TM is located....So if I want to fish close to my depthfinder in the back, it is of benefit to choose THAT unit closest to my location as my GPS source.
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The puck ties into the Terrova via Bluetooth but, I think Kevin is right. They call the puck a “heading sensor” not a GPS.

Edit: Just looked it up. The GPS is in the control (head) unit.
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Used to...not much anymore.
Ice fishing kit for it costs a lot of $$

Why buy a kit? A 12v lithium battery is $50, I'm sure you have an old tackle bag and some PVC pipe laying around. Don't need anything fancy to poke a transducer in a hole.

The live imaging is incredible, it has almost rendered the other forms of imaging obsolete for me. I can sweep 50ft in every direction and see bottom composition, depth, structure, and any fish that are in the area.

Before I had it I just assumed spots where I didn't catch anything just didn't hold any fish. Turns out a lot of those spots hold fish all year long, they just may not be the target species or not active. Can always find them, can't always make them bite.
Well, you need a pole to mount megalive upon.
You need to buy adapters for the helix unit to adapt to mega live. You also need an ice ducer I'm guessing to use other screens on a helix...and a guess that's a kit
Further down the Humminbird hole I went....
When I was using Mega Live, I kept having to turn backwards to look at the humminbird helix 9 screen on the other side which is a pain...
So yesterday I bought a Helix 10 MSI+ G4N to dedicate to my Mega Live. I found it on ebay for about $400 off new in box...
Funny story...I put it in my cart a few days ago, but the added tax made me think twice.... the seller came in with a private offer of $80 off to trigger the worked..that paid for the sales tax. Seller has 100% rating, so I should be ok.
I mean it can do way more than display Mega live, so it'll be a useful addition.
As of now, all 5 of my ports on my ethernet switch are used, so no more toys without another switch added.
Helix 9, Helix 7, Minn kota Terrova, Mega Live and now Helix 10.
The Helix 10 should help. I think one reasons why I was never that happy about MSI was the small features on a small screen of a Helix 7. We’ll see if the Helix 9 works better for me.
The Helix 10 should help. I think one reasons why I was never that happy about MSI was the small features on a small screen of a Helix 7. We’ll see if the Helix 9 works better for me.
Oh I could fully understand that. My helix 7 is at the front of the boat for the guy up front to use. For MSI and MDI it's almost really need a 9" + to really make out what you're seeing (at my age anyway)'s a good unit for navigation maps or 2D sonar though. For that, it's not a MSI unit, but it will read the MSI and MDI off my back unit when networked....what it won't do is read Mega live