Humminbird Lakemaster VX or VX Premium?

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Jan 1, 2012
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Is the upgrade to the LakeMaster VX premium worth it?
Right now I have the Legacy chips for my 2 Humminbirds....and they are nice. I never bought the "+Plus" chip. They have stopped making it and the legacy and going with the I'm thinking of upgrading to VX but for $50 more can get VX Premium.....just wondering if aerial overlay is worth it?
I just ordered an upgrade kit for my Minn Kota Terrova I Pilot to I Pilot Link. I like the idea of tracking a contour line without having to adjust the trolling motor all the time. I will sell the i Pilot head and remote to make back some $$.
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I use Navionics so have no idea about Lakemaster. I looked at their satellite overlay available on the higher priced ($100 more) version and didn't think it would add much for the places I go. Sounds like it would be useful in congested or narrow waterways or to help show side channels. Maybe Lakemaster is different, IDK.

Tracking a contour line is a very appealing option .
I run older Navionics, as well. Also, have the app for iPhone and iPad.

If you boat where there is cell service (or download) just use Sat maps on phone. I find it helpful when running new sections of River. You can usually tell where the deeper channels are. Ie shallow water without any depth maps.
I bought the premium but, I think either version is overpriced. Unless you are fishing one of the few “HD Lakemaster surveyed lakes” you just adding colors to a base map.
As I recall, the premium version has contour shading. It offers some eye relief but, in real life it’s not nearly as pretty as the marketing photos.
As I recall, the premium version has contour shading. It offers some eye relief but, in real life it’s not nearly as pretty as the marketing photos.
Yes....the premium has 2D contour shading and Ariel overlay capabilities....those are the only 2 options the Premium has over just the VX chip...... I'm starting to think it's just not worth the $50 extra dollars.
The shading does make things a little more pleasant but, the Helix 7 screen is still quite small. If you have a larger helix it may offer more benefit.
I think I’m good on Humminbird & Minnkota for awhile. I’m actually thinking about selling the Terrova with IP Link. I have two Terrova, one with IP and the other with IP Link. The IP model works fine, the IP Link is a pain to use. It‘s slow responding to commands, the software/firmware is very poorly implemented and the remote is difficult to use. I was apparently taken hook, line and sinker by all of their marketing bs.
Well, an FYI Humminbird VX Premium chips were on sale today on Amazon for $138.00
That's $62 off....(less than normal price standard vx chip)...which is also on sale today. Made it a no brainer, so I bought 2.

I missed out on unannounced humminbird sale this past weekend....15" helix unit was $500 off. I hmmed and hawed and it was over when I decided...dang it.

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