Fisher Marsh Hawk 3V

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Apr 17, 2014
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North Alabama
Can anyone tell me anything about this model of boat? Primarily the bottom width, hp rating, how much wood is in it etc. I found one for sale that is in pretty rough condition about an hour and a half away from me. It's fairly cheap but given what I can tell from the ad pics it is in need of a lot including a full trailer overhaul so I would probably offer them a decent bit lower. I want to do a little research before I bother the seller with a bunch of questions since the seller is a dovorced woman whom I don't think knows much about it and it's not super close to me. Don't want to waste either of our time if she is firm on the price and I'm not a fan anyways of making offers on stuff I haven't seen in person. I'm almost certain it is 16' long. The bottom looks to be less than 48" though....I'm leaning towards a 44" bottom.

I found a few threads on here and other forums which seem to match the one for sale. Both of the boats in the pics here look pretty much the same as the one I'm interested in, mostly noted by the same cockpit configuration and hatch layout.
1988 Fisher Marsh Hawk 3v & Evinrude E28ESLCCR Restoration/Rebuild

I have been wanting a 16' console rig I can put a 25hp on for our local hp restricted lakes so I need a hull that isn't overkill for that size motor. It looks like it would fit the bill but I don't want to even consider it if it will struggle with that low of hp on it. I already have a 1648 flatbottom with a newer Yamaha 25 on it for these lakes and it does great but its a pretty bare bones rig and the hull is really light.
Well, picked up the boat yesterday. Turned out to be a 1989 model. I'll start a new thread in the builds forum but here are some specs on it I have since found that may help others out in the future:

16' long by 48" bottom. Its about 65" across the beam where the cockpit area is. Basic 20" transom for a long shaft outboard. Its a mod-v hull but the length, bottom width, and beam are basically identical to my 1648 Alumacraft jon boat.

Hull ID plate says its rated for 4 persons or 560 lbs. Rated for a 70hp motor and 990 lbs total for motor, persons, and gear.

Boat is all aluminum aside from the hatch lids and transom. The hatch for the fuel/battery compartment in the stern is aluminum though. I do not know what a dry weight on the hull is but it should be pretty light based on that plus the aluminum decking being fairly thin. It appears to have large portion of foam under the rear deck, foam under the floor, and foam under the side covers. There is a small pocket of foam under the right side of the front deck but most of the area under there is open. I mentioned it is almost the same size as my Alumacraft, which weighs about 300 lb as a bare hull - so I imagine this hull with the flooring, decking, and stuff is probably a little more.
Congrats on the new boat.

Rated for 70 HP kind of surprises me, but I'm not that familiar with Jon boats. It must fly with that much HP.

Gosh, I also think it would do pretty good with the 25 HP. Having power tilt & trim would be a nice addition. My previous boat was a semi-V, side console 15'-2", and 74" beam. Weighed 340 dry hull. It was peppy with a 25 HP four stroke w/PT&T. Top speed 26 mph. Jumped on plane right away. Different hull shape, I know. But would be close weight-wise.

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