Gregor 12' (1977) with a 15-HP Nissan 4-stroke (2002)?

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May 26, 2016
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What's up, guys?

I just purchased a 1977 Gregor 12, and now I'm in the market for a motor. Here in California, quite a few of our lakes have 2-stroke bans, so I will need a 4-stroke.

The boat is rated for 20 HP according to the capacity plate, but I understand that the 20-HP outboards of the 1970's were entirely different beasts than we have available today. According to NADA, it appears that 20 HP 2-strokes ranged in weight from about 85-120 lbs.

Here's the thing... I can get a great deal on a 2002 Nissan 15-HP 4-stroke that's been run through by a mechanic and comes with a warrantee. It weighs 114 lbs.

Do you think this would be a good fit? Maybe it would help if I moved the gas tank into one of the forward benches?

I spoke to Gregor about this, and they seemed to think it would do OK. Their only recommendation was to confirm the transom is solid and replace it if not. (The transom is NOT solid at this time, but I will be replacing the wood soon so it will be soon). Their main concern seemed to be focused on avoiding transom damage while trailering caused by the heavier motor.

Thanks in advance for any insights or personal experiences you can share.


sounds fine to me. Gregor even blesses it

as far as the weight on the transom while trailering, you could get a transom saver.

Here is how mine is set up, its actually the one off my big boat, it fits it fine


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Thanks, Perchjerker. I definitely plan to use a transom saver of some sort, either purchased or DIY.
Based on my experience, you will be fine, given a sound transom. I played with several ratings on my Gregor and settled on a 15 hp 2 stroke. Were I to do it over again I would go 4 stroke.
Thanks, Rickybobby.

Did you have to replace the transom on your 12' Gregor? Seems like it should be pretty straightforward. I don't weld, so my plan is to cut the two triangle-shaped transom braces ~4" above the floor to allow me to remove the old wood and install the new. Once the wood is back in place, I will "splice" the triangle braces back together using SS bolts and a "sandwich" of new 1/8" thick aluminum sheet.

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