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May 8, 2023
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Hi, I bought this 14' boat 2 years ago. I was completely clueless about boats at the time and rushed the purchase. Today I would like to sell the boat but have discovered there is not an HIN number it. I was told it was a 1997 Lund 14 Laker but I have not been able to confirm that. The local Lund dealer had no idea. the beam on this boat is 55 inches, but from what I read a 1997 14 laker is 69 inches.

Attached a picture in case anyone recognizes this boat. There is a plate on the inside of the boat with some information such as model number - 1431 and another number that is ND431. Any information would be great.

Thanks in advance


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I would look on the starboard side of the transom and see if it's there. Small etched number at the top. I don't think that size of boat needs to be registered in Alberta.
I would be interested in knowing about this boat as well. Interesting.
What does the CG capacity plate say on it? How did you register the boat if it doesn't have an HIN?
There is maximum weight of 855 lbs stamped on the plate . Also the motor is less than 10HP so no requirement to register in Canada. You do need a Pleasure Craft License which I was able to transfer from Transport Canada with no issue, even without a HIN. I attached that picture as well. Not very easy to read as it has faded. Examining in a photo editor you can make out some of the information. I called Transport Canada who was not able to help me. They did indicate that all boats imported to or made in Canada require an HIN after 1982. My concern is that is not a LUND as I don't want to misrepresent the boat when selling.

Thanks again for your help


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I would look on the starboard side of the transom and see if it's there. Small etched number at the top. I don't think that size of boat needs to be registered in Alberta.
I would be interested in knowing about this boat as well. Interesting.

I did check the starboard side and there is no numbers and no obvious place where they would have been attached if they once were. I see someone has scratched in small letters ND431 which I noticed but the format for HIN is 12.. It's all a mystery.

Thanks for the suggestion.
It looks to me that (MOT336982175) Is the HIN you would have to do more research to see if the manufacturer code and the year checks out.
I had to do a lot of online work to decode the HIN on my 12ft to discover it was a 1982 sea nymph 12K. Armed with all my research and a bill of sale, I still had to get an inspection to register the boat.
Some HIN numbers are not on a tag, they are stamped right on the transom on the outside of the hull.
There's a lot weird about that tag (maybe age and not used to CA tags?) starting with the 9 digit HIN. I think 12 digit was standardized in 72, but I've also seen mid 80s for a date
1) Going back to the early 60s, Lund never made an aluminum boat with false strakes stamped in the aluminum. So pretty sure it's not a Lund.
2) Can't read all your details, but "Aluminum Goods" was an early name of of the Mirro Aluminum Company in WI that made Mirrocraft and Monterey Marine boats. That could be a clue. Mirrocraft MIC is MRR, owned by Northport Marine now.
3) MOT was the MIC of Monterey Marine, which is out of business and not related to the current Monterey Boats which makes big powerboats. The same MIC is now used by Mt Canoes, replaced by Empty Canoes, which probably isn't applicable. MICs get reused fairly often.
4) the number MOT236982 is listed at Boathistoryreport.com as a sample number for MIC MOT.
5) Maybe someone who knows more about the history of Mirrocraft/Monterey can help from here, but I'd guess it's an old Mirrocraft or related.
The data plate is Canadian. The Canadian HIN program began in 1982 (compared to our US Coast Guard format which began in 1972).
They are supposed to be transferable, but not necessarily compatible in format.
That being said, "Aluminum Goods" is the manufacturer.
I gleaned the following Canadian data from an iBoats thread on a model 1432 (has forward deck and forward controls but otherwise looks like your boat):

MIC: ZAG Status: Out of Business
Company: ALUMINUM GOODS Company Official:
Parent Company: PRODUITS NAUT. ALCAN Parent MIC:
State: QC Zip: G0P1E0
Country: CANADA Phone: 0000000000
Fax: In Business: Wednesday, January 01, 1975
Out of Business: Friday, October 31, 1986 Date Modified: Monday, October 03, 1994
Type: Outboards, Open Motorboats, Jon Boats
Inboards, Cabin Cruisers

Additional Address:

That 1432's plate is a little more legible, so I'll throw that up, too, so that you can see the categories of each space...

Hope that helps find the right rabbithole.
Hey, that looks better than my attempt! So doing some more digging it looks like there was an Aluminum Goods company in both CA and US, and they were different companies. In Canada they were a division of Alcan and in the US they became Mirro Aluminum.
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Wow! You guys are all great. I should have posted here before I bought it. I recently suspected it was not a Lund as I am getting ready to sell it. I thought that "Aluminum Goods" was just a description. haha! I have a good idea of what boat it is now so can at least sell it with truth. You have all been extremely helpful especially MBullen and Buster so kudos to you guys. Does the MOT number happen to indicate the year? Perhaps the last two digits?

btw... I did try to contact the person that sold me the boat but he passed away this past February.

Thanks to everyone!
I'm guessing not, given the second example MBullen posted ends in 22 but is only 9 digits. The last two digits are the year of manufacture for modern HIN codes. You know that since it's a Canadian HIN and only 9 digits that it's pre 1982.
Thanks Buster. I will have to call Transport Canada again. They should be able to tell me, just have to talk to the right person.

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