Huge INDEX to old aluminum & fiberglass boats!

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I am wondering if anybody here happens to know if there is a forum for the other Smithcraft boats with the aluminum hulls?? They were made in Phoenix AZ. and I happen to have one 18ft, 1962 to restore and am looking for information and pictures on these boats. Thanks for reading this and if you have info. post here. Yes these boats were Smithcraft built in AZ and the wooden ones built in the east were Smith Craft. I found the index above and it is listed with the wrong spelling. I will look and see if boat still has emblem and if it does will post a picture.
Vast amounts of knowledge in the following threads. :lol: :lol:
Deep insights there. Feels good you sharing!!
i had a 56 16 ft very good boat they were built for the Colorado River system they came with a single 35 horse Evinrude or you could get it with twin 35 horse everrudes
used as ranger boats on lake powell lake mead they rented them they used them as work boots they still use them in the Gulf of Mexico I've seen them down there too 16 ft 18 ft 19 ft