I'm a Grommet here. This is the boat that drew me in to the Forum. Found it up in Montana. I haven't been able to find out what it is.


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Jan 2, 2023
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Goleta, California
Hi Folks. Sorry for the unnecessary noise, but I'm happy to find this site. This is the boat that drew me in. I found it online at a yard in Montana. Apparently a Fish and Game boat retired some time ago. The plate in the cabin says "Heating Assurance" Spokane, Wa. Model 18CAB. If anyone has any info about this old (1957) sweetheart, please let me know. I just found a 1958 35 HP Johnson Seahorse (black!) to pair up with it. I think that this forum may not be a uniquely antique group, but I'd appreciate anyone who may be able to shed light on this one. Thanks, and sorry if this is just noise for the you all. Bruce


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You are going to gut and descale fish in it ?😂

Looks fantastic !!!👍
I would recommend you get the 1958 running smoothly, and then fog and winterize and fog it, and find a more modern 40 HP to use regularly. A 90's Johnson motor should serve you well. Then swap out to the vintage motor anytime you want to be in a show or parade, or if you want to sell for max value.

What a beautiful boat!
That is very cool! Add my vote for more photos please.
Looks like you’ll have to sit in that cabin to cruise around. Cozy on a poor weather day, but on a nice day you’ll be in a sedan while everyone else is in a convertible.
The model information has “18” in it. If the boat is eighteen feet long, I’d bet that it was rated for more than 35hp.
I’m interested to know whether this is a complete turnkey situation or whether you’ve got much work to do to get ready to launch. Someone obviously put a ton of effort into the polishing. I love it!
You folks are danged nice! Thanks for the great input--especially the background on the origin. I'm in Goleta, Ca (next to Santa Barbara) and we3 have no freshwater nearby. It's the ocean or nothing unless I take a good roadtrip. I'll look to see if there are any meetups for this group since y'all are a such a friendly group. I'm guessing that it's only about 5-600 lbs. The 1990 Yamaha 85 that it came with launches it almost out of the water at half throttle. The 35 should be about right. I'm setting up a cheap but solid 1970 fiberglass boat with a newer small outboard for fishing. When I get the new/old motor set up, I'll send out some photos. Nothing is restored yet. I have some polishing to do. Thanks again to all of you. Man, what a welcoming group. The photo is last week's garage find. Lucky year. Hope everyone is doing well.


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A couple of pictures. I'll take more, but it's pretty rough right now. B


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There goes everyone’s weekend…

Would be great if you could get the gas tanks below the deck. The bow looks like it could hold a bit but access might be tough. Maybe a step down deck between the seats? I would start looking for a talented TIG welder to help clean up that beauty.
Great idea re: TIG welder. Put in some structure to revise the seat attachments, put in a real deck. This thing is really a tin cup. The 'deck' is an old greasy plywood sheet almost right on the hull. Pretty light aluminum. I really think the whole thing (without motor) is about 5-600 lbs. It skitters across the waves. I've only had it out 3 times, and on quiet days. I don't think I'd take it more than 4-5 miles offshore (boat USA will still rescue me there) :) . I put foam under the rear seat and under the deck, but it's a temporary hack job. I need to come up with an end goal for the layout and appearance. I have a rebuilt '58 Johnson 10 horse for a kicker, but I haven't put the mount on yet because the kicker may screw up the look. I really do appreciate all the kind input. I've always been a sailor, but my spine tells me that it's time to go with motor power. Best to all. Bruce
The 'wheelhouse' is made for really small people. You have to wrestle yourself into it. I'm not huge-5-10. There's plenty of room forward for the tanks. Thanks for that idea too. I can put in brackets for them.
Some of us are going to be watching you and your boat like they are our first newborn.

Great purchase and you seem to have some necessary skills and sense of practicality.

Best wishes.
Thanks Kismet! I will try not to be a flake about communicating.. It's great to have witnesses who like this stuff. It would be cool to meet at antique boat society (acbs) or the antique outboard motor (aomci) meetups. I just joined aomci--I'm jumping in up to my armpits... Love to meet some of you. I'll try to get a coherent plan together!
Buying an engine hoist tomorrow so I can follow Thill's advice-except for winterizing. Doesn't often go below 60F here. I'll shut up for a while now before I get stale. Best to Y'all.

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