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I think there is such focus on walleye in MN that we tend to let the smallies go and they get big because of it. I don't know anyone who eats them. I've caught numerous over 20-22" but never bigger. And it wasn't a bad walleye weekend, either!
Same here on western lake erie, walleye and perch are king !
Still catching 14-16" smallmouth without really making much of an effort. I talked to a few others out on the river fishing and they said the same thing, this is the most fish they've caught this early in the season. I don't use any electronics for finding fish, I don't measure the water temp or anything else, I just go upstream, pull out a lure I feel like using and fish. This is what I have always done and I usually don't start catching smallmouth until July, so this year is completely different. We had a nasty front go through Friday afternoon (there was a confirmed tornado about 7-8 miles away in NJ) that dumped a quick .25" of rain so I thought that was going to screw up the river for a day or 2. It didn't, I still got a nice one yesterday.

Tend to agree that N Pike is as good or better than walleye. Also love a pan full of crappie when we can get into them.

Hope to get out in the salt fishing salmon in late July. If everything pans out I should have an AK trip in August, just for the halibut.

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