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Apr 25, 2015
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As some of you know, I've been documenting my build of my first boat on here and I'm ready to do the interior. I have absolutely no idea what I want. Here's what I do know - I'm building a deck *very* similar to this:

I'll be attaching my framework to the aluminum seats via brackets rather than to the sides/floor. Attempting to make a "quick detach" type deck that I can open the below-deck storage doors and unbolt the deck for 15-minute removal if I ever need to for whatever reason (my step-dad might be too large to fish with with the deck due to weight capacity). But generally the same deck, same size, same height, same basic framework.

But as I'm about to lay primer in the interior, I'm trying to come up with some design ideas... ELECTRICAL is the one thing I need to plan for the most. This is where I want to hear from the experienced boat owners. What do I need, what do I need to plan for... lay it out for me guys.

I have a gas outboard but do a lot of fishing on electric-only sites. I will EVENTUALLY upgrade to a bow mount ~50 lb thrust motor, but they're expensive. Waiting for the right deal on a used one. Anyway, I have a transom mount 30lb thrust for the time being, so obviously I want to run some wire up front but need wires for now in the rear.

Where would you locate your battery? Standard old school 3 bench design. Decking over the front 2 benches. Possibly a rear deck from the transom over the rear bench - leaving a gap in decking between the middle and rear for my toddler and/or dog. Currently just toss 1 battery in the back to use, and a back-up battery in the nose. I wanna have a battery panel mounted though.... bow, transom, or more centered? Then run large wire to the front for future trolling motor and possibly depth/fish finder. Two separate wires?

Should I rig up some type of control panel box? Switches to turn stuff off and on? I have no idea, I just got a bare-bones boat and I'm tryna turn it into a decent fishing rig. Weight is of concern all around.

Bilge pump
depth finder

anything else I need to plan for?
Just a comment about your 30 lb thrust trolling motor. You probably already know that you can flip the head around on a transom trolling motor, making it a bow thruster. You would have to add a simple home-made bracket.

I find it a lot easier to pull the boat along, rather than push it. Of course, the shaft has to be long enough.

Thanks for that, I actually didn't know that! I love a good DIY mod, so I may definitely need to look into that.

Was just drawing up a general idea of the layout. Fish finder up front on the other side of the TM, forgot to put that in there. Kinda like the idea of the control board on the left, just in front of the batteries for switches to shut stuff off.

Not really sure about lights yet, haven't had a chance to look into it, but I assume I'll get 3 lights, one on each corner of the boat.


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While you are brainstorming the interior, please be aware that one of this site's sponsors produces a neat seat slider that may be helpful.

Aux outlets for charging things?
USB and cigarette lighter type

Nav & Anchor switched separately or on / off / on switch?
richg99 said:
While you are brainstorming the interior, please be aware that one of this site's sponsors produces a neat seat slider that may be helpful.


...and they work very well, I might add. Much better than the clamp on.
I like that seat slider quite a bit. Would be very useful for that rear bench for sure.

For the wire I was thinking of just using some adhesive and a PVC pipe for running wire up and down the length of the boat. A hole drilled in the PVC anywhere I need a couple wires. Easy to expand on in the future (drill a new hole, run a new wire). Adhesive for mounting the PVC pipe somewhere out of the way.

Thinking about putting a panel where the deck ends, against the middle bench. Just extend the deck 1.5" over the middle bench and use 2x2 to frame out the bench and some 1/4" plywood panel to cover it. Easy to install switches/aux ports, etc and leaves plenty of room to add things.

Appreciate all the ideas, definitely ones I'll be using. I knew I made this thread for a good reason!
With regard to using adhesive to hold your PVC,, you might consider using wire ties with the screw adapters instead.



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