Is This A Good Beginner Rebuild?

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I'm a little late to the party, but you should be glad that first boat got sold. That would have been a hard pass for me. Potential money pit.
What !!! A boat owner with no pics ?? Many boat owners have there boat pics in front of their kids pics !! Lol..
Yeah, seems odd but I never remember to take pictures of anything (even my kids). Just not a picture taker. I couldn't tell you how many good fish I've caught and thrown back, only after realizing I should have taken a picture.
Your 100% right.
At least you figured it out. I'm a bit of a dreamer too, but then I start crunching the numbers and come to my senses! Your best bet is always something that is 100% intact, not messed with, and kept indoors. With titles. Where I live it's possible to get a title for a boat without one, but not always.
Thanks for the reply. My timeline would be to get it on the water by next spring. I do not have a heated garage so winter would slow things down.
I hear ya trollingman, my garage isn’t heated either and I just got a 1979 14’er I want to mod. I’m thinking it will be a tad difficult with 2” thick mitts on 😉
a reliable, safe, durable, and functional boat

won't take much to do that. get the motor looked at. You can clean things up over time.
When I buy a boat like that and it's 3 grand, I look at it as a complete rebuild, but that's just quirky me, liking things my way, all new so no surprises down the road.
If someone else redid the interior, that's a negative to me because I don't know if that person is competent, or even cares

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