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Tall Tiller

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Sep 10, 2022
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Ofallon, MO
Hello, new member, been lurking here since spring.
Long story short, got free boat and trailer from good friend, that was cleaning up property that his recently deceased father owned, was helping out, and he says..... Want a Boat? I look over in the weeds and see it, didn't look all bashed up to bad, thought of a killer frog gigging boat that I wanted since the early 90's. Well my dream came true, proud owner of a clapped out Jon boat, and trailer. I picked it up several weeks later took my 16ft utility trailer out there and loaded boat and trailer up, didn't trust the trailer, had flats anyways. So this was early May of 2022, thought I would clean it up and use it for some frog giggin, season opened June 30 and goes till mid August here in Missouri. Well it's September now and I only had it out once, just making sure she was sea worthy? Well she passed that test and it's been full on mods ever since.
Picked up a 84 Mercury 4.5 hp outboard on local Craigslist for a $120.00 bucks, it's a fine looking piece, little did I know in my joy of the sight of this little motor that there long shaft, short shafts, and xl shaft motors.
Got the little motor running, somewhat leaking fuel out carb and not water running out of discharge tube. Put in a new impeller,got gasket kit for carb, tried just getting new carb,website that I got lead to said it was in stock, bought it then got call couple days later with apologies and refund. Took original carb apart clean it up put it back together and it still leaking, runs alot better but still leaking. I will get it, just got so many projects going on right. This weekend was the jack plate for transom, and that is how this little bought got it's name, my username on this forum as well. Tall Tiller and man is it, thought I just needed like 5 1/2"" it's more like 8 1/2"" -9""
It's definitely up there,
I got all the cool stuff I made for the boat out now, was wanting to get it painted this weekend, but brake line on my truck blew and it had to be beside the gas tank, so didn't get to paint a boat this weekend.


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Ok, what is it? The sideways pics, or the pics of the boat in a trailer park.
I get it, can't stand sideways pics either. It really can not be the trailer park envi thing, cause it's not as kool as trailer park boys make it it out to be. This boat is going to be sweetest, when I ever call it done. Slow start, but things are moving along much better now that boat is at painters house. Let's just say it's gonna be like a F 15 fighter jet. More sideways pics to come. Stay tuned :LOL2:
Well, I guess I should have posted this in the boat house forum, cause it's just a small project, it's just a small boat. Sorry for the sideways pics, I'm not all that savvy at the computer.
Anyways, The boat, from what I gathered, is roughly 1978 1446 Alumacraft
Transom was rotted badly when I got it, no hull identification plate, did some sanding up where # are and found them, had them ran and last time it was registered was 1987.
At first I was just gonna clean it up make new transom, and use it as a frog boat.
Well it has grown into much more than a throw in the bed of pickup truck pond boat. To rebuilding trailer, lots of one off aluminum pieces, swivel seats, forward mounted battery, center stiffened channel with cup holders, and rod holders. electronics box in back, with volt meter, usb, and real deal cigarette lighter, 6 switches for various lights, bilge etc. Adjustable hieght jack plate to accommodate all 4.5 of them Merc horses going on it, Will also be having a 34# thrust Motor Guide Tm.
Saturday morning it got sprayed with little over a gallon of a water based etching aircraft industry primer. Turned out really nice to me, I was gonna have him paint it also later this week, but, I think I'm just gonna have him clear coat it with a matte clear tomorrow.
A few pics of it sprayed, hopefully they are not sideways?
They are oh well.


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I had that exact motor and the same problem with my first boat. The issue is that this is a sail boat/trolling motor, not something meant to go on a standard transom.

The’yre not that common and will fetch a good price to the right buyer.

Nice project btw.
It's been a bit since I been back here to update on progress.
Thanks for the comments RBW,
I took her(boat) out with the mercury 4.5, motor starts/idles good, just a little lazy taking throttle and getting up on the pipe (2 stroke dirt bike lingo) might have been the fuel mix was a little fat, and needed to adjust carb some.
Problem is the pull starter is built into the hood on this little motor and you can't take it off when running. I could start it with the hood off at home on the stand by just palming top of flywheel and spin her over. It's a little difficult doing this on the water in a little boat. Over all I just wasn't satisfied with the motor.
So, browsing the web's found a 1975 Evinrude 15hp for cheap.
The ad had a pic of the motor standing on it's hood? That really sold me, thought to myself, clueless seller. Turned out it was a struggling single mother that had it stored like that for years in a packed apartment garage. She said it was her deceased father's and remembers going out with him and it really pushed the boat good. I stood it upright pulled hood off,very clean inside, rotated flywheel it rolled over and felt solid compression SOLD!
Got back to the shed, pulled carb off very clean, no stink, varnish, stains, put it back together, on to stand/water barrel, hooked fuel, fired on the 2nd lick, runs like a top real responsive, sounds killer, compared to the single cylinder 4.5 merc.


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With the new power plant, this really got me motivated to get out on the water again before the cold got here. Had 2 really nice days here in Missouri, so I thrashed on the trailer, made some guide on's, new winch stop, and knock the rust, dirt off. Squirted it with the top coat paint that I was originally was gonna paint boat with, turned out good, for a machinist, trying to paint, not that I can't, just not something I like doing, kinda like shoveling snow.
Got the boat back on trailer, flipped and lowered the brackets on my homebrew jackplate, mounted motor up, then off to the Quivre River.
Man, she's a ripper! Took it easy on the motor at first, then brought up Speedo app on phone, brought her up to 24mph, then with my phone on charger sitting in the sun, phone over heated, then I fumbled it into the little bit of water
In transom, from to much throttle in reverse. Phone didn't work for several hours, but work's fine now.
I got into an area with still water, and brought it up again, I know it was faster than 24mph, little boat was up on top the water, kinda sideways just gettiN it!
Very impressed with it.
Here's some pics, will tell about some of the mod`s in next post


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Awesome project there, I had a 12' river jon back some years with a 9.9 and it was fun on smooth water!! Nice job, however might be a bit fast for catching frogs....LOL
Well I should apologize for the slow/ no update reply.
And a thank you to Kismet, and airshot for the kind words.
Kismet, I thought it rode great, granted I was the only person onboard, might be a different perspective with a passenger in the front.
I know it's not the boat to try and dance in.
airshot, thank you also, yeah probably pull them 15 bald eagles off when I go frog N🐸

Took the boat out 2 times, and I caught the fever!
Not the fake beer one, Boat fever! Been searching the innerwebs for something a little wider for more stability, and confidence in the main channel of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers.
Can't afford to go out and buy a rig all set up, and probably end up changing most of it if I could afford one.
So, found a 1974 Lund R14 utility v bottom with a hood and a classy windshield.
Oh, I just had to have it after seeing it on the local Craigslist.
I think it just looks vintage! I got plans in my head but it's going to be a minute or 2 before I can complete.
Friend of mine gave me a 1987 40hp Big johnson, but it's ruff
I did score a 1996 50hp evinrude w/ power trim for $700.00 last weekend, came with a receipt for $1750.00 worth of work done on it 9/15/2021
Looks to be in good shape, guy I bought it from seemed to be honest/ legit
Mounted it today, no pics of it yet, but here's the boat, not so much to look at now but she will be a looker when I say enough!/spend enough!
I can make most things it's just the little stuff that adds up fast.


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Boy that little boat is gonna fly with a 50 on the back !! I have a 16' Sylvan side console with a 40 hp Merc and she does 31 mph and weighs over 1000 lbs. You might need to add wings !!!
airshot, that's what I want to hear!
Been a fan of speed and power all my life. The little boat boat is rated in 1974 to have a 50 hp rating, and that's what I'm going to put on her.
Know that song? Take it, To The The Limit, One More Time.
Bought the boat and trailer with legit title's, motor now also. Have new #s and registrations for all.
Guess you seen the specs on the pic?
She only weighs 295lbs and has a capacity of 1100!
I'm thinking like you, gonna have a Ripper!
Be out there jumpin the rich folks wake.
Still have much to do, but the ole girl lookin sporty with with the new power plant.


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Yes, like I said, much to do, I just mounted motor for mock up, to run steering/ throttle/shift controls for placement and type of mounting for final assembly, after transom replacement, paint, wiring, interior n such.
I did fire up the them 50 bald eagles after work today, started up easy, but shut it down after noticing fuel leaks, motor has the vro delete, but shop that did it used the grey epa compliant hose, since being on this forum ,and having issues with it on other boat, just gonna replace all with Gates/Goodyear hoses.
The transom looks like it's gonna be fun,fun,fun to replace. It's covered with with aluminum on inside also.
dreamless54, Yes I will be removing the whale tail, got bruises on both shins just from hooking up motor/ fuel line.
Motor came off a pontoon boat, and I don't think little boat is going to have any issues getting on plane!
Much to do, and I got a lot going on, Was Pallbearer at really good friends/co workers funeral Monday, 2/20/2023 he was 48yrs old and died on his birthday.
Finally got the sardine can/mobile home sold.
I kid my wife, That what sold the place was me leaving my Big Johnson on the front porch! All can see it in an above pic😁
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