Longing for LONGER Starcraft 14'seafarer


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Oct 27, 2022
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I 1st bought my starcraft in 2020 For 700 with trailer.
30 horse mariner I got for it would not shift forward or reverse And since it was over nobody had nobody had what I needed to open the lower unit behind the prop.( A week later as I was working on it at my shop's driveway I ran up to 711 to get a soda and 2-3 min later when I came back, it was gone !the scrap man comes by alot,&yes , I did not realize I worked on the motor right where I pile scrap for him,it was a sign , Find a Johnson.
I found the 2000 Johnson 25 horse long shaft for 900 that was the personal motor of a guy in lower Maryland who had an additional 20 other outwards for sale. this thing is a beast, I've had my boat all 14' of it with myself my 15 year old son and 2 of his buddies at 35 to 37 miles an hour full throttle on a calm day . The beam on this is 5' and my goal is to get another seafare similar year and combthe best of both boats into 1 at 22 to 24' long with a Larger 2 stroke or maybe twin fifties depending on weight and beaver pods or a transcendent extension point I know I will have to brace and build Internal hull support& framing, but I'm not sure if cutting and tig welding the 2 hill pieces togethere as well as the rubrails which are thicker aluminum.
Has anyone had experience drying to Weld 2 keels together for added length or would it be easier to try and find a longer keell salvage from another boat. We run a handicap ramp company so I have more one and a 1/2 inch aluminum pipe stock as well as flat treated platform plates so eventually the flooring will be thin aluminum supported by Aluminum angle along with cust Ttop& pole platform. Paint is almost done but redoing it Matt black with gloss black lettering and semi los black tribal flames Is outlined silver. Any help is appreciated.
And yeah just getting along or boat would be a lot easier but it would be Is a little wider when I am picturing a small cigarette boat for the Bay for crabbing flounder and just playing ,flying around on a90° day in the bay.


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Big risk on joining two boats to make a long one, no matter what that joint will be a weak spot and will probably fail. Getting that kind of speed from a 20 hp motor is either an exageration or that is actually a 40 hp motor!!