Newbie Dilemma: Electric or Manual Downrigger? Need Your Expertise!

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I use 150lb and grab the line with Scotty's weight snubber:View attachment 118180
My downrigger boom is 24" and it's easy to grab onto the snubber. If I had a longer boom, I would go with a weight retriever. No hum with mine. I'm not so worried about the age of the braided but the wear on the last five or so feet of line where it hangs on the boom and wear on the knot going through the guides. But now that I think about it, I should probably inspect the line between 35-50 feet where I do most of my fishing.

I use those snubbers as well, yes they make it easy to grab.

What releases do you use and do you ever stack them? I'm wondering how my Chamberlain stacker releases will grip on braid. Is the 150lb similar in diameter to the stainless cable? I'm almost always running stackers.
Haha, yup, full hijack. Apologize I am bad at that.
I've been using Vance's releases for quite awhile. I do own a Chamberlain but have never taken the time to learn how to use one. I don't use stackers as I have a hard enough time just driving the boat (tiller), managing one pole, and being the net b**ch for my fishing buddy. As far as stacking on braided, there are ways, such as dipping the clip in plasti dip tool coating or maybe a stopper bead.

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