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Feb 24, 2023
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Cedar Lake, IN
I found a couple old lures in my box that I never use. Trying to free up space, not make money, but it seems these may be valuable. Do people actually collect lures?

Attaching some pics. The one in the box I see listed on ebay for a thousand bucks! Is this just BS or are these old lures worth big money?


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I have those same lures and others, from my grandfather. I have them on display at camp. Never tried to sell them. The boxes add value, though.
I would think there are collectors. In fact, seems like kind of a fun thing to collect. What they might be worth, IDK.

If you are seeing $1,000 I bet everyone is digging through their old tackle boxes about now!:)
Guess everything is collectible to somebody, eh? Might put em on ebay and see what happens. I don't have anywhere to display them really and they're just collecting dust. In the little lake I fish in, don't think there's any fish that would hit on either of these.
I have the larger redeye (not the Jr), and can say it works for northerns. I can't remember if i have used the Bass Oreno. I'm curous what you get for them. Good luck.
I hear you. I see quite a range in prices actually. I was just floored to see that one listed for a thousand bucks. With no use and them just being in my way, seems prudent to pass them on if people would get some enjoyment out of them.
Went thru this with Pappy's old tackle.

Most wasn't worth much though anything with the box was purchased along with anything old, wooden and in good shape.

There was a good half dozen Heddon 'flatfish' in boxes with two guys price tags that were snapped up.

I still have most of the old ruby eye spoons and large daredevils from our Ontario trips, he wasn't intrested in them.

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