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Nov 4, 2022
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Keystone Heights Florida
I’ve been reading through a bunch of posts on the forums and finally decided on going with the old timers formula for sealing my deck. I had a few questions before I begin that I hadn’t really seen many people touch on.

I’m going to be sealing 19/32 BCX sanded pine and was wondering if I need to sand the plywood further before treating due to it still being slightly rough. Do I need to sand all edges before sealing?

I’ve read a few threads where it mentions if you live in a humid climate to cut one part (I believe it was linseed?) due to mildew/molding of the plywood. I live in Florida where it’s always humid. Has anyone experienced any issues in Florida using the original 1/2/1 OTF?

I plan on pre-drilling/cutting everything prior to adding the OTF. This is my first build and any input would be greatly appreciated.
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Also how far does a full mix of 1/2/1 mix go? I’m decking a Alumacraft 1648MV from front of the boat to the back side of the middle bench, as well as the entire back deck (front of back bench to transom).
I don't know who was the originater of otf, but they invented something great. I did a 15 ft jon with it several years ago, and after curing out. Took a piece of the boat where i removed to put in a seat base. To home depot and had floor and deck enamel mixed to match the boat. That was 4 years ago. I redid it this summer and the plywood had small cracks on it. This time it soaked twice as much as before. I feel like this last soaking will last many years. To address your question on coverage, a little will go a long ways.on your first coating. I left my plywood after treating both sides originally to bake in the sun for a week before installing. Our summers here in ga get very hot seems like the plywood will soak up more if left out in the sun to bake.
Btw i put the sealer over the top of the paint and it absorbed about twice as much as originally done. I have done a wheel chair ramp with it twice and it has held up great. Plans are to put another coat of paint over the last boat refinishing, in about a month, with a light dusting of sand for slip resistance.
A pint of spar varnish, pint of linseed oil, and a quart of thinner should do your boat. It is a great sealer.
Mos Def, go with the old timer's mix over BC/X.

If I were doing mine again I would use old timer's mix instead of the acetone-thinned epoxy. The epoxy made the plywood bullet-proof, that is not the issue. I don't think my plywood will rot in 25 years.

The reason I would use the old timer's mix is because I would be able to use normal carpet/vinyl glue instead of the cumbersome and very expensive contact cement that you have use over epoxy or fiberglass.

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