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Sent the little Sea King from my thread "One man's junk" down the road today. Got a new to me blank canvas Harber Mfg 12 ft. This one is substantially deeper and wider than One man's junk and should serve well for it's intended purpose of being a second boat for my boys on fishing trips. It will ride on top of my 16' Naden when trailering. It's always exciting to get a new boat no matter what it is. Can't wait to try it out!

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Wow you have one heck of a view from your deck! Wait a little longer and the rain may make your boats float!

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thedude said:
Wow you have one heck of a view from your deck! Wait a little longer and the rain may make your boats float!

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Every spring after snow melt. My daughter has actually paddled her kayak in the backyard. Lol.

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That boat is "lit". Any interest in selling?

SaltH2Odeprived said:
This is my skinny water boat.
It is a 1988 Electric Feather Pirogue made by Fin & Feather Boats.
Boat has a flat bottom, is stable enough to stand in and will float in 10 inches of water.
It has a built-in 27lb thrust trolling motor, bilge, running lights.
I built a motor mount for a 1956 Johnson 3hp to get upstream and to conserve battery.
Also have added fish finder, rod and paddle mounts.
Ice chest is converted into a live well
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Here is a video clip where I use the Johnson to move to the other side of a cove and then use the electric motor to close in on fishing spot.


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Recent river trip in the Electric Feather. Motored up stream with the 3 hp Johnson and then ran the built in trolling motor while fishing back down stream. Installed a digital motor controller with infinite adjustable speeds and consumes less battery power at lower speeds. Seven hours on the water and still had charge in the 35Ah BCI Group U1 battery! Fishing sucked but what a great day on the river.
Current boat Pacific 1925, before that Workskiff 16 and Duranautic 16 before that, big fan of small aluminum boats.


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:LOL2: Heres mine! PBR streetgang! Just brought her home last night finally... bought about a week ago..


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I'll install trolling motor today...break in engine this weekend... already have a hummingbird 572in barn...brand new ready to go! Like a kid a Christmas morning yesterday afternoon!!!
Here she is with trolling motor.. battery...seats and pedestals...numbers on this evening...all set for maiden voyage this weekend!


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I took streetgang out today....she's fast and very nimble...while breaking in engine, I out her in some tight j turns and chine walking,prop slip, or that sliding sideways feeling...seems to stay hooked up and tight ... I'm really happy with her... Charging trolling motor battery and fishing next week... great lil boat...quick too!..
here are two of mine !


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Upgraded the fishing boat on Saturday. My 14' Mirrocraft was a good boat, but the bench seats and lack of a live well were less than ideal. I really went back and forth on whether to upgrade it with a floor, casting deck, and live well. Ultimately decided I have enough darned projects in my life and I didn't have the energy for it. I really liked the overall size and ease of use so I wanted to stay in that range. and I wanted to keep the motor size fairly small/simple/cheap to operate.

I settled on this 14' Crestliner Angler. Good storage under the front deck, rod locker, live well and a very open layout. 25 HP Yamaha will be plenty. The bow mount trolling motor will be a nice improvement over the transom mount I was using on the other boat (even if it's an older model). It had a really big seat in the stern that took up way too much space for my taste, so I removed it and decided to mount a folding seat on the port side. Controlling with my right hand will be an adjustment but I really loved having the open space in the back. It's pretty easy to undo if I don't like it. I hope to go catch some fish this coming weekend when I get home from my business trip.


New to the forum, so I will try to get a pic of my boat up here. 2072 SeaArk I have had since 2008; just put a Yamaha 115 on it this week.

During duck season I take the trolling motor off and put on the led light for running the Pamlico Sound in the dark.
This pic also has the old Johnson 90 that I took off last week. I am loving the 4 stroke 115 so far: no choking, no high idle, no starter fluid when it is 11 degrees!
My next project. A 14’ Lund resurrection.


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