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Jul 28, 2021
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Hello - thanks for the add. Hopefully, tonight I will be the owner of a Jon boat. I have been around boats my entire life, currently the owner of a bass boat, wave runner and rowboat.

I ran across a lady selling a jon boat in a neighboring town of mine for $100.00. It's 12' so its perfect to hit some pads or shallow waterways near my house. The ONLY questionable thing on the entire post is she claims its stainless steel. People have been giving her crap saying she doesn't know aluminum from stainless - yada yada. Her brother gave her the boat 20 years ago and who knows how much older than that it is.

Didn't know the model (she wasn't near it). Address is good. Phone number matches. Active FB profile. No money has been exchanged. No shady **** for transaction (Amazon shipping, etc). Scams have been ruled out.

Has anyone ever come across a stainless steel jon boat before?
No way it is stainless.

I can see how someone could make that mistake though.

Go for it, it has $100 in just scrap value.
I bought it. Ended up being a 1974 Sears 61813 Jon Boat. It was obviously aluminum. Sears emblem still on the side, capacity plate still readable inside. Took it home and washed it up last night. GREAT find -- proud to be part of the Jon Boat community now.


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