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M, sure like to have a name for "M". Thanks for the info. I'll take another look for the serial number. It may be under paint. I had no idea that they made a 14 ft. Clipper! The paper from Tennessee says it is a 12' open boat.

Have you gotten a price on having the seat brackets made? Maybe we could each get a set. I was going to make them from wood sheathed in epoxy/glass, but aluminum wold be better. Especially if they were accurate. Let me know. I know about 3 sources for the custom or stock windshields---for $400. I'm afraid that's out of my budget for now.

I also have a thread going in Fiberglassics and have checked out the Lonestar library.

Have you posted pictures and details of your Clipper?

I'd love to share with you as I go along. I won't be actually starting until spring.

I did look for the serial number but still don't see it. It's on the inside of the port hull side close to the deck? How for down from the deck, and forward of the transom? How big are the stamped letters?
The serial numbers are stamped in the back, left side, up high, just under the rail, on the outside of the transom.

I will go measure ours and post back with info.
(sending you a pic instead) Hope it helps.
6.26.2015 LS primera.jpg
Chick Ludwig said:
Success!!! :LOL2: Just where you said. And filled in with paint. The numbers on my paperwork are right.

=D> =D> =D>
Glad you know where they are, what they mean and now, know for sure what you have. :D
I apologize for not addressing all of your concerns/questions. I have, however, sent you a PM with the link to our Clipper, for your reference.

You have also mentioned the name plates. Those are a very rare find and rather pricey! They were originally chrome that bolted onto the hull. I have seen, on ebay, the plates that are in cursive but they are for later models. The '56 name plates are different. There are pics of the vinyl ones I special ordered, on the link I have sent to you. The man custom made her name, as well. I would highly recommend him, and have sent you his info. He is the only one I found with the correct font for that era of that Lone Star. I might add, he is hands on, and very reasonably priced. (I have no affiliation with him or his company, only personal business.)

Another piece(s) that appears to be non-existent are the two back rope cleats/ski hooks. I will send you a pic of those. Perhaps you can find some, or just stay with the ones that are on there now.

No sir, I have not priced the seat back brackets.

I wish you the very best of luck! Again, if I may be of assistance, please do not hesitate to ask. I will do all I can to help you with any information I have. Looking forward to seeing you get started with her next spring. :D

Thanks for all of your help! I'm looking forward to restoring our boats "together".

Where did you find the information on the serial numbers? Is it somewhere that I could look up too?
Chick Ludwig said:
Thanks for all of your help! I'm looking forward to restoring our boats "together".

Where did you find the information on the serial numbers? Is it somewhere that I could look up too?

You are quite welcome, Sir.

Serial Numbers? :LOL2: No, Sir. Those records were destroyed years ago. I am a retired accountant and thus numbers are in my blood, so to speak. I have been in contact with numerous LS owners, of all different models, mostly in the 1950's era. I spent hours deciphering the codes and how they could make sense. It all came together, once I had the serial numbers from several other owners. :idea: I have been asked to publish my findings, and I may someday, but I must be 100% sure of other models, before I publish. The SN on the Clippers, I am 100% sure of. (correction: 90%)

Sending you pics of the back rope/ski cleats, as I told you I would. Let me know if you happen on to some. :)
LS back ski cleats.JPG
Now, you know why Mr. Johnny sent you a pic of his old Johnson! Correct era for the boat. :mrgreen:

However, I do understand wanting a newer motor. I say it is to each his/her own preference at what they want on their own boat.

Looking forward to seeing you get started on her! Good Luck!
TexasLoneStar56 said:
Chick Ludwig said:
Yes I have. My serial number "does not compute". The first thing I found was Larry Woods boat. It's how I decided that mine is an Admiral Deluxe. I'm convinced that it is a '56 unless another year is the same.
My serial number is 32356259. That comes from paperwork sent by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources in reply to my inquiry when I sent them the Tennessee registration number. There were other problems with what they sent me, so that's why I don't believe that the mfg. hull number is right either. There is no number on the boat itself.

Good evening! Nice find! I think I may be of help on your Lone Star.
Your SN:
32 is the model number = 14' LS Clipper
3 = March
56 - 1956
259 - boat in production number 259

We own one as well, except ours is a 16'. Our model # is 42. I have spent many, many hours in research of the old LS. In my research, I figured out some of the codes.

You said you cannot find a serial number on the boat itself? Go to the back. Look under the rail on the left side. You may have to bend down to see it. It will be stamped in the aluminum.
It should look like: 32 356 259

Hope this helps. Let me know if you find the stamp.
BTW: In my research, I have only seen one other 14' Clipper, and only 2 - 16' Clippers. You have a rare find!

A link that will help you with the history:
This link also has brochures, pics, and info on the '56 Clippers. However, you will not find any information on the 14'. Apparently, it was never in their brochure.

You also mentioned a windshield, seat back brackets and windshield brackets. You will not find those items. I've searched far and wide, and on ebay every day for over a year. The windshield will have to be custom made from a place on the web, at a rather pricey $400.

I have the dimensions for the seat brackets that I would be glad to share with you. They will have to be custom built from a local machine shop. I too, must have them made. :(

Please do let me know if I may be of assistance. I'll share whatever knowledge, literature & pics I have.


Thanks for the great info M.

I too have a Lonestar I'm curious to find out about. It's 14ft. 6 inches long measured from the bow fitting to the transom.

My serial number doesn't seem to fit into your description. But then again, it might! #320560

Looks like mine was made in the 'zero' month and was the 'zero' in the production line. Makes mine first!

Feel free to add my info and photos to any database you're working on. I could also directly email you photos if you'd rather.



Admiral Deluxe 1956.jpg
Dan. I notice that the aft bulkheads for the forward and center seats seats have a vertical flange to support the bottom of the seat backs. Mine doesn't have these. Are they a separate piece riveted on?

M, I had no idea of the ski hooks. Were they an option maybe?

I am not certain about those numbers. :?: I do know that LS manufactured boats before the year end, so this may be one of those that was manufactured in Dec of '55 for market in '56. I'm not sure. The end "0" :?:

Also, you were the one that sent me the photos and measurements for the seat back gussets*, back in the spring. I had forgotten you had one that you saved from the land fill. =D>

*You can find those pics and measurements on page 6 of our thread.

The seat vertical flanges are riveted on ours. What about yours, VinTin?

The ski hooks? I don't know if they were an option. Perhaps they were. :?:
Can one of you folks take pictures and measurements of the flanges? I'll see if I can get some made.

I think having the seat back braces would need to have an expensive die made in order to bend the curved edge. I think that I may make a mold to laminate some out of epoxy/glass.
I think having the seat back braces would need to have an expensive die made in order to bend the curved edge.

A good machine shop can manufacture, bend, roll or curve just about anything aluminum, with manual brake machines.
Here are some pictures of my steering wheel and cap. The crack in the wheel center where the cap plugs in is my main concern on repair. I don't think that filling the crack with epoxy will fix the problem. The center is also spread apart, which is what ha caused the crack to open up.The cap also is very deformed. Maybe I can heat and bend it back pretty well.

The last picture is of damage to the transom cap, and also shows how everything is welded together. I'll try to hammer the cap back into shape as close as I can and then reform the curves with epoxy.





Johnny said:
oh my Chick, just when we were thinking all she needed
was a powder puff and some lipstick !!!!


When I saw the transom cap in the first pics, it looked bent, but not that bad. Boy was I wrong. Ouch! #-o Get a big hammer and whip on it. I've done some of that myself. :x

The steering wheel? Ours was rough, too, but I don't know if you can repair that big crack or not. #-o Might be worth a shot. Your boat, your call.
Chick Ludwig,

Epoxy "peanut butter" is stronger than the original material that steering wheels were made from. - But I can't say about your center section problem however.
(Btw, your steering wheel is an ATTWOOD, as mine is.)

Texas, I'm gonna try to do something with the wheel. The hub is really warped out of shape too. I can fix the crack, but don't really know about the warp on the hub and the cap. Maybe heating them up and "warping them back" over form until they cool.

satx, Thanks for the info on the Atwood. I think my best bet will be to look for a decent one on E-bay to repaint and attach the Lonestar emblem from my cap. Epoxy "peanut butter" is great stuff, but can't fix everything. For instance, it won't fix the half of my finger that i recently lost in my argument [-X with my table saw.

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