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Sep 9, 2008
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I just made it home from a top ten trip of a lifetime to Venice, Louisiana with my long time fishing partner Capt. Ryan.

We fished for four days. I mostly fly fished except for a half day tuna trip.
Day one was a half day so we ran to Breton Island. First cast yeilded my PB Speckled trout on a fly which went a touch over 4lbs. It took just over a hour for us to limit out. We made a run to a place called the Wagon Wheel where KVD won the Bass Master Classic. It is truely a unique place. One cast would be a Bass and the next would be a redfish or possibly a Flounder. We caught and released the rest of the afternoon.

Day two: Tried to head back out to Breton but we were met with rough seas. So we headed to the other side of the Mississippi River. We ran across a good rip and discover several Triple Tail hanging out. I hooked up with my first TT instantly. These things are a beast. They would go air born doing several flips. I ended up catching 13 of them (all on a fly rod) ranging from 8lbs to 20lbs. We ran back and caught a few more Redfish and called it a day.

Day Three: Hopped on my buddies 30' Grady White and ran offshore. We caught 4 Yellow Fin Tuna, several Black fins, 2 Wahoo and a few other species. Got back after lunch and I jumped back on Capt Ryans boat and we fly fished for Redfish the rest of the day.

Day Four: We tried for Triple Tails again but didn't have much luck. We played around the shallow water oil rigs. We couldn't catch anything to keep becaused the endangered Red Snapper would hit as fast as you threw out. So we went back to the Wagon Wheel and caught more Redfish.

We caught well over 100 Redfish 1 to 15lbs, 2 flounder, 15 Triple Tail, 2 Spanish Mackeral, 1000's of trash fish (Lady Fish, Saltwater Catfish, Hartails, Bluefish) and 50 bass all together on a fly rod. We only kept a few to eat.

I have more pictures coming soon. My camera was left on another boat most of the trip.


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Captain Ahab said:
That is awesome Triple Tail on a fly rod - who wuda thunk it

Believe it or not, Ryan was tossing live shrimp and they would go after the fly and turn their noses up to the shrimp.
deym!!!!! there's nothing i won't give for a trip like that. awesome!!!! triple tail, yummy!!!!

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