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Apr 30, 2024
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I am rebuilding a 1966 Montgomery Ward Sea King 6 horse outboard. I'm currently working on the starter rewind mechanism and the service manual is calling for special tool T - 3139 to help put tension on the recoil spring. Does anyone know of a substitute tool for this operation? I am willing to bet the special tool no longer exists.If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you in advance.
Holy cow, I seem to always fumble with those recoil springs. Probably didn’t have the special tool. Anyway, I don’t have a direct answer but bet a YouTube search might get you some tricks. Might not be for your specific motor but maybe enough to get it done
Hold the recoil spring in your hand, thumb and index fingers through the middle. Pull the tag end, wrap it, pull it, repeat while holding it together until it's pulled tight enough to fit into the pocket. Your hands will get sore, and it might take a couple tries. I'm not aware of any tool that makes this easier, sure would be nice if there was one.

Once the spool is assembled, I usually wind it up, and just lightly clamp it with a couple squeeze clamps so the spool can't rotate. Those pincher style clamps can work as well, usually doesn't take much. Once the spool is secured, I will fish the rope through and tie it off.

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