Tracker Tournament TX-17 Duck Boat Build

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Picked up this little tiller for $25 yesterday. I think it will work well for picking up decoys at the end if the day.

Also got a great lead on a 2 stroke 40hp. Looking at it Saturday
Got the transom fully bolted in yesterday

Also picked up this little puddle jumper just for the motor. 99 merc 40hp with oil injection, elect start and power trim. Gonna put a tiller handle on it.

More welding tonight. Got the brace for the floor seam welded on. Also repaired a crack in the front floor and lastly welded the front bow piece on. My buddy had to run out but he was gonna weld the transom back together tonight also. More fab and welding to come.

Wow, coming along nicely!

My boat is is actually missing the front plate altogether. Did your buddy cut that plate for you? What did he/you use to cut it?

Got the front floor section cut today, it's hard to see here but the rear section is already riveted in. 11.5' of floor in minus a foot and a half the rear bench will take up.

Angle to reinforce the front floor

In front of the floor I'll make square sections from angle to hold the gas tank and 2 batteries. 1 battery for the starter and accessories and 1 deep cycle battery for the front trolling motor and ice blaster. The front deck will overhang these.

Still need to get some 3 or 4" aluminum strips and have them welded down the sides so nothing falls under the floor. Also need to get the rear bench and front deck fabricated and welded.
Got down to the shop and did some more work on the boat today. Got the rear bench fabricated with the help of a new metal chop saw, glad I bought it, it was a big help. A 4.5" grinder/cutoff has worked well up until now but with all the 1.5" tube I had to cut I couldn't pass up a cheap harbor freight unit to help speed this along.

This is what I was going for on the rear bench only without the flip up door. I liked the design where you could throw a leg around which will be nice when using the tiller handle or maybe even when sitting and waiting for the ducks to come in.

This is what I fabricated. My buddy did all the welding.

And this is what I'm going to do for the front deck, I'm going to try to get that done this week as well.


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