Twin 1956 Evinrude 30hp Engines back in service again

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May 15, 2010
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Central Florida
Lake County, Central Florida
This boat came in to me a couple years ago. I was asked to fully check and service the pair of engines on it. The boat is a 1956 Trojan and the engines are original to the boat!
The owner was in the final stages of a 12 year restoration project on this hull and engines. Workmanship on the project is first class and the hull and engines show it. Paint jobs on the engines were amazing and the woodwork, varnish work, paint and re-chrome work were about as perfect as can be done.
I went through both engines then created and hand built both engine and boat harnesses for him as well as a separate harness for the boat electrical systems. All harnesses were sheathed once completed.
Here is a video on the engines. The owner brought the boat back to me after two years to check and start both engines as "life" got in the way of him running it once completed. He is on the fence on selling it. He was on the boat for engine starts and once he heard them run he is having second thoughts on selling it.

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