UPDATE: This could be coming to your state soon


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Jonah, You seem to think that it is acceptable to require a person to go through the hassle I just described, simply to just "drive" through the State.

Your "toll road" analogy is also flawed, as I am using the road that I am being tolled for. I am not using your waterways, yet you still justify the toll. My road toll goes to improving that road that I am using. Your trailer toll, well, is being diverted to a private company who is probably well connected to your corrupt, all democrat controlled (big surprise), State government. (tax heavy dems hold all four State wide offices as well as both legislatures). All in the name of the fish.

I'm done commenting, I have nothing more to add. Fortunately for me I have no plans on driving through MN.

But be careful what you wish for. You may support this over reach because it benefits a cause that is close to you (fish). But as with every abuse, it never, ever ends there.
[url=https://forum.tinboats.net/viewtopic.php?p=366750#p366750 said:
louisvillefisherman » September 22nd, 2014, 10:29 am[/url]"]I live in Ohio, and I (theoretically) got a call from my buddy in North Dakota saying he has a free boat for me if I can come get it tomorrow. Therefor I will be driving through MN tonight.

What am I supposed to do? Find the a Dept. of Motor Vehicles on a map, plan my trip around where that location is? Arrive sometime during business hours, wait in line, get the sticker and continue on my way?


Perfect example of the dangers of big government control, and the people who will roll over and let them have it.
LOL.. Look out for my green Toyota Tacoma... I'm just driving through, aka passing through. No stops, unless I got to pee and I doubt very much there will be any lakes in the rest stop.
Oh, and odds are it will be in the middle of the night anyway.
Thoughts from a MN shoreline:

Recreational fishing & its supporting businesses form one of the biggest industries in MN. If the MN legislature was seen as weak on this issue, they would be held responsible for the economic damage from the loss of the resource (despite the ducks contribution). That's also why MN is currently asking the U.S. Congress to permanently close Mississippi River lock and dam no. 1 to slow the spread of asian carp into MN.

States commonly have rules about what you can transport through their jurisdiction, especially in regard to plants and wildlife. The only thing unique in this case is that somebody decided it isn't unduly burdensome in the internet age to have people tap on a keyboard to acknowledge their responsibility. Probably less time than it takes to go on a (great) boat forum and post about it.
Finally coming to their senses!! =D>

Ten bucks is chump change except if all states do it I'll be paying 50 bucks and take five courses to get to Fl. So, you have to get off the highway, find the location to take the course, pass the test to resume your travels? That's bull. What about tractors carrying new boats or marina equipment? You'll have drivers that don't know jack abt boats except where to drop the load.
If that's MN's welcome mat then boaters won't go there.
If that's the authoritarian regime they have, who would want to go there? Who's idea was this?
I do river keeping and I have thousands wrapped up in equipment to monitor water. Collect the ten at toll booths if you must but I'm not stopping
off the highway to do a stupid dance for idiots.
You have to take a course and pay a fee to drive through MN?!?? That is absolutely crazy, and I believe illegal.

If they are serious about this program, they should include it in a state-wide boat launch fee or fishing license, like Delaware does. That would be fair and easy to enforce at the ramps.

But forcing an AIS course to drive through the state? That is crazy.
Lawsuits are going to quickly crush that one. It doesn't stand a chance.
They have signs and its law here in Arizona for the Zebra musle, you must wipe down and drain your boat which seems reasonable. Driving through Montanna is rediculous, is the weed going to crawl down the highway. If I chose to launch, so be it if a class is convenient for a fishing tourist.. Seems like a revenue generator for some Senetors son, so not so sure we arent giving it to a porkbarrel project disquised as a private company.
Keystone said:
Law has been repealed.

No surprise there.

But it would not be a bad idea if they had a little instructional course added to the online fishing license application or state-wide boat ramp permit. Maybe 10 questions or so, to make sure everyone is educated about the hazards of invasive species.

in the late 60s, a bill passed the Senate in California requiring seat belts on motor cycles. it came up for a vote in the lower house and was sent back to a committee to die. This bill fell into the same category.

Target the permit and licensing processes. Require signage at all boat ramps. Texas is even painting signs on the boat ramps. Jack up the fines to help pay for the process. Nothing spreads the word as effectively as fines.

In the end, this will only slow the spread of invasive species.
No problem here with preserving our waters natural resources ect....I'd pay the 10.00.

That being said....Sooner or later this society of ours got to see the realization that you cant regulate everything.....Its to the point where I see state workers wearing hard hats to clean side walks...

Recently took a safety course for bridge construction...ruling states that each crew must have one competent person on site, if he leaves work must stop. So what? one normal competent person and the rest don't have to be?

If we really stop and look at our state agency's...most are struggling to balance their budgets. Our forest suffer from Gypsy moths..and a host of blight's... Wildlife suffer from CWD, blue tongue, ect..ect.. we pump brine into the earth when fracking...Farmers put Ungodly amounts of spray on our fields, And the very state Agencys that want to regulate everything for our welfare spread ton after ton of salt on our roadways....

Sometime I think we are just spinning our wheels. Best not to rely on to much regulation....How about each of us as individuals take a little time, be a little conscious, care a little more.
I was putting in my boat earlier this summer and a college kid was giving a boating survey for the Iowa DNR. It included a question about invasive species transportation along with other topics. When the survey was over he gave me a sticker to put on my trailer. Is that what I need to transport across state lines?
California requires a mussel tag as part of the boat registration fee. The funds go towards a quagga/zebra mussel prevention program. From what I read, places fed by untreated Colorado River water are exposed. As a result, several lakes in Southern California have been infected.

At the reservoir I frequent most often, they do a mussel inspection prior to letting you launch. If there is any standing water in the boat, you will get turned away. Nice thing is, if you want them to, they will put a seal between the bow eye and the trailer winch. If they see the seal on your next visit, then no inspection is needed. At other places I’ve been asked to fill out a brief questionnaire about where the boat has been. Inspections are not done, though I suppose they would be if you disclose you’ve been out of state or in an infested area.

I agree the MN law prompting this thread was a little over the top. What we have here in California seems reasonable to protect our waters. Kind of unusual for California, which might have a reputation for having some quirky laws...
Although we don't have to worry anymore since the law was repealed, I figured I'd throw my 2 cents in as a person who actually works in the field of conservation.

First, I do think it's a little nuts to charge people just to drive through the state with a trailer. If you were planning to boat in the state, then I totally understand that and I'm all for it. However, you'd be surprised at how many people just DO NOT care one bit about what they may be tracking along with them. They just care about themselves and going out and having a good time. This seemed a bit like a preemptive strike.

2nd, people love to complain about the government. People love to hate Democrats or Republicans. The truth is, they all have their hands in eachothers' pockets. If you think Democrats are solely responsible for regulation think again. Anyway, back to the point. If the government didn't step in and try to combat the spread of invasive species (which can seriously destroy habitat and turn your lovely waters into a lifeless muck hole in short order) who is going to? A private company? No way, there's no money to be made combating invasive species. Is everyone just going to be conscious of it on their own and step up? Once again, no way. Many will, but it takes only one person to not care and spread a noxious weed to a water body where it will only spread further. Many of these invasive weeds multiply by fragmentation. Trying to rake or tear them up or chopping them up with a propeller will cause them to spread like mad. That $10 fee you'd pay to launch a boat (once again, not like the one they tried to impose. A fair fee to use resources) doesn't just go to the government where they play with it and spend it on foolish things. It goes to people like me who are out there on the front lines educating people and physically removing all the invasive plants and animals that have spread like mad due to people simply not knowing or those who do not care. Funding is already basically zilch for these kinds of programs. People like me who help to keep these resources clean for YOU do not make the big bucks. Many are living on okay, but by no means great wages. I know some will think, "then get a different job." The problem with that is there are still people out there who want to enjoy some nice, clean resources the way they are supposed to be. Being able to help make that happen is more rewarding than dollar bills, but none of that will happen without the dollar bills.

Once again, I don't think this particular attempt at a law was structured correctly. But next time you want to complain about government regulation or paying a fee or being required to be educated before using a resource, think about what your water would look like without it. I think its valuable to understand other perspectives on issues like this.
^^ The way they approached this issue has tarnished a very worthwhile effort.

CT lakes are quickly becoming overrun with Eurasian Milfoil and Curly-leaf Pondweed, and now we have Zebra mussles in places in Western CT. If you think these things aren't that bad take a minute & do a quick google search on the accounts of people who have had to deal with them or the damage they can inflict.

The issue is that no one cares about these pests until they've had to deal with an infestation, and by the time they get wise to how they should have prevented the problem it's already too late.
Well, I am glad to see the law died. Not that it would effect me in any way, but I just like to see these types of overreaching laws overturned. Paying $10 just to drag a boat through where you could otherwise drive without paying the fee is not only illegal, but completely unAmerican.

I have no problems paying my license and registration fees for using the resources in whatever state I hunt or Fish. But if I'm not using the resources I shouldn't have to pay. I Elk hunt the Santa Fe National Forest every few years and pay a federal habitat fee on top of my state issued tag and license just to be in the forest. No problem, but I shouldn't, and don't have to pay that fee if I'm simply driving the roads through that same forest. The moment I step out of the truck to hunt or fish though, I am obligated to have the habitat stamp. Just as it should be in any other state.
the lake I fish in requires that you sign an affidavit that you will not put the boat in any other body of water. No aquatic bait is permitted unless purchased from a licensed zebra mussel free dealer, I cannot find any doing a Google search. This is because of the fear of zebra mussels. The entire thing is a bad joke. While the lake is protected the main tributaries are not. All of the invasive plants and animals that are here will stay once established and will spread. They must be stopped at the boarder and before they reach the harbors. People should not be allowed to own plants or animals of any type that are not native.
They stowed aboard vessels coming into the great lakes in the ballast water they took on to balance the weight of the ships. From there they've hitched rides in recreational boats & spread ever further.
It sounds to me like someone's out of work son or son in law started a company and got a bill passed so they can get rich. Nepotism is alive and well in all agencies, associations, clubs, unions and more.