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WTB - Aroliner Corsaire-Canadaire-Convaire-Cabinaire


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Oct 24, 2012
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I'm looking to buy any of the above Aroliner models for my family. Aroliner is one of the original aluminum boat manufacturers in Canada, based in Winnipeg, went out of business in 1990. The models above are their larger units, 16-18 ft., with semi enclosed cabin. If you know of one for sale, particularly Corsaire-Canadaire-Convaire, pleae let me know at [email protected]. Thanks
Just type Aroliner and kijiji...into google and you will get a bunch,in your area also.
Zum, thanks for the suggestion, but I have checked out all of the local boats available on Kijiji etc., and all of them are smaller runabouts, not the models I'm looking for. I will continue with my online searching, but if anyone comes across one I'd appreciate hearing about it. Thanks for the help.
Are you still looking for an Aroliner? I have just decided to part with my Convaire. Let me know if you're interested. I'm in SE B.C.


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