Adding stick steering and throttle

Upgrading a Triton 1546 Anyone done this?

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Adding stick steering and throttle

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If anyone has any experience with adding stick steering and throttle to front of a 2006 Triton 1546 Crappie model, I would appreciate any and all feedback. I’ve purchased the stick steering base mount and a throttle mount for the other side. This boat came with the two welded in swivel seats and a factory live well installed. I sold the 8 hp motor and bought a 2007 Yamaha four stroke with the stick steering and remote throttle for it. What I cannot get help with is the following:
It has carpeted interior and I am ASSUMING that the carpet is glued to some sort of thin aluminum skin underneath and the skin is simply riding on top or over the ribs along the sides and bottom of the boat. I have tried to contact the manufacturer and they have since been bought and sold once or twice and now the parent company is White Water Marine ( they make the bass pro aluminum boats) and I’m told they have none of the old records or drawings for this boat. I’m hoping someone has some experience adding stick steering to this. Odel before and can answer a few questions that I have before I start tearing up carpet to conform my thoughts.
Thanks anyone!

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Adding stick steering and throttle

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I'm think'n if I was you, instead of tearing up the boat just to hide the cables, I would just mount them, in an aesthetic way, on the outside....jmo

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Re: Adding stick steering and throttle

Post by glaster »

I’d have to agree with OldSchoolBassMode. I own a 91 duracraft stick steer. It’s a 15/42 and all the cables are exposed but tied down with cable brackets.


They run along the inside of the rubrail. You may be able to tuck the electrical wire away but the steering cable is another story. It’s very stiff and doesn’t bend easily. The only suggestion, without looking at your boat, would to fabricate a cover for it. Good luck. I love my stick steer.

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Adding stick steering and throttle

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X3. That is a nice bracket for the cables. It would be a clean install.
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Adding stick steering and throttle

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I’ve done the conversion a few times on Jon boats, but it was with cables and pulleys. I assume you are using the Ezy system. In that case, I would just surface mount. If it really bothers you, just make some covers out of aluminum angle or tubing.

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