12' Rich-Line vee mods update


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Sep 17, 2021
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Mitchell Wisconsin
Here are some pics. Did a camo paint job on it and added some wood to the interior. Picked up a flasher at a yard sale and made a transducer mount for over the side. Hope to try that out in a couple of days. It's a decent boat to fish in and I'm keeping it like grandpa used to fish. Nothing fancy except for the flasher. Powered by an electric trolling motor, no outboard. I'll try to find some more pics and post them here. Thanks for looking.


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More updates from a short fishing trip this week. I pull this boat with a 2013 Kia Soul. Had it up to 60 mph on the highway and it pulled just fine. The floor has shop floor mats on it as does the middle seat. Added the swivel seat at the rear and moved the trolling motor off to the side. The seat at the front is fixed, facing rearward. Not too flashy, but it works. The old school flasher worked well both times out. Love fishing old school in this boat! The 12 ft is light enough for me to lift if it gets loaded on an angle. Lots of advantages to a lighter aluminum boat.


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What is a flasher? Around these parts it's a guy who likes to air out his junk or something that makes your turn signals work.
What is the purpose of the 2x's? Don't get me wrong, I kind of like the idea. I can see how they would be useful for sitting sideways or putting a knee on when using the net.
I had some leftover deck boards and thought the two could let me move forward a little bit when operating the trolling motor. But that didn't work so I put the rear seat back in. Now I use them as a spot to keep stuff while fishing, like pliers, bait, etc. The other side has the flasher mounted on it. I thought I'd fish with it this way for the rest of the year and make any changes next spring.

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