1972 Alumacraft F-9 Lake Master


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MN Fisher

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Sep 22, 2021
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Mound, MN
Purchased this last month. Since then I've been working on refurbishing the trailer.

Alumacraft Lake Master-1.jpg

Seller even had the original brochure.

Alumacraft Flyer - Info.jpg

Once I finish with the trailer, the whole thing goes into the garage as a winter project. Front deck, rear and side storage, rod locker, livewell...the works.
With the trailer done and the boat in the garage now - the 'destruction' begins.


Using the cargo strap to make sure the hull doesn't bow outward...did the same when I modified the canoe that preceded this.

2-Beauty Shot-1.jpg
Strip-down and cleaning is complete - now's the time to start the rebuild.

Close to being done setting the feet. To keep them in line bow-to-stern, I'm using my 'long straight edge'. Set the foremost one, set the rearmost one, place the straight edge between those and set the rest against the straight edge...and they all line up. 20211104_133238-1.jpg
Feet installed - working on the main runs for the subfloor now. Right side is done and riveted in place, almost done with the left...couple more risers to rivet then the main run to be cut to length and riveted.

There was a short hiatus while the wife was in the hospital...she's home now and I'm getting back to this.

Main runs done and once I have the cross-braces in it'll be time to set up for the pour-foam.
I know it's been a while - but here and there I've been working on the sub-floor frame.

Got the main part of that finished and now I'm cutting and fitting Styrofoam preparatory to doing the pour-foam20220106_151926-1.jpg
Cutting and fitting of the Styrofoam continues...another day and it should be done. Glue the outside pieces to the side channels, then some 1" wide bar aluminum for hold-downs (to prevent the pour foam expansion from dislodging the Styrofoam) and I'll be ready to pour.

More work done today, almost done with the Styrofoam. All the small pieces are in and the starboard side is notched and fitted. Port side left to notch and final fitting, then it's gluing and bar-stock for hold-downs.

Still waiting for at least a bit of a warmup before pouring foam. Neighbor lent me a propane heater, I've got a duct with a fan to exhaust 'bad' air outside. Right now it sits like this..Styrofoam glued in place, spray foam filling gaps and pour holes cut.

Also got the through-hull for the livewell installed...5/16" pilot hole followed by a carbide-tipped 1" Forstner bit.

Meanwhile, I'm still collecting parts. These just came in today...replacements for the beat-up ones that I scraped off. These will go on after the paint job...Smoke Gray from just under the gunwale to the top of the upper chine.
LDUBS said:
Progress sure looks good. The way you have it looks like the pour-in is along the sides and leave the middle open? Makes sense to me.

If you look at the stern end of the floor framing, you'll see where I'm leaving open. The center channel for both water drainage and routing of electrical lines and the livewell tubing.

The areas covered at the stern and bow ends by Styrofoam will be filled in. I'm pouring from 'the top' so I don't get an air-pocket underneath the Styrofoam. If it doesn't quite fill in towards the center, I can always do more pours.
Weather to do the pour foam has been a bear - winter in Minnesota don'tcha know. Even with the propane heater, have to wait for 30+ degree days to do it.


Today it hit 43 outside - temp in the garage was 72 with the heater running...and I finished the pour-foam in the floor sub-frame. A little cleanup, collect my order from Coremark and I can start building the super-structure.

Got a good start on the main framing today. Aft-most risers and cross-member, 3 sides of the livewell and the starboard-side main hull support.

I'm using brazer head drive rivets for the hull supports...they'll be sealed and painted over despite being well above the waterline.
More work today - probably another day's work to finish framing the rear section before moving to the casting deck and TM 'deck'.

Also finished the connections for the livewell plumbing.

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