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Nov 11, 2020
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Several weeks ago I fell on my mojo spinniner bait rod and bent and broke the eye. I had a Legend tournament rod that broke the tip several years ago and ST CROIX replaced it but I never fixed it. Sent in just to have a tip put it went from 6'6 to 6'. Not sure what I'll use it for . It was a jig and worm rod.

Thought about setting it up for drop shots, any other ideas?
The mojo rod looks like it did new. The legend tournament rod has a bit larger eye ion the end , but casts terrific. $20 not bad..
The legend tournament rod just under 6' now is kinda my best rod. It is very accurate playing around stumps from a distance, very accurate rod.

If I have to get distance and accuracy it's becoming my go to rod...