Best fuel hoses/ lines to use

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Feb 18, 2009
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Perrysburg Ohio
Perrysburg Ohio
Lots of debate on these aftermarket gray fuel lines, one came on the boat I bought last summer. Carefull inspection for winter layup showed some minor issues with the interior I want to replace it before spring. What is the best/ safest marine rated fuel line that folks are having good sucess with ?? Need 3/8" ID...
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I buy it from Napa
Thanks, I reviewed those, and it turned out my gray hose did have a liner that has now began to pull away, that is my concern...better to replace it before the next season before issues arrise. When I look at the Quicksilver ( Mercury) replacement fuel lines, they appear to be the same gray problem hoses...might look into the black A1 hose as my boat does not sit outside except when being used. Inside my barn should not cause any UV issues.

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