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Nov 19, 2020
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las vegas, NV
From living in Baja Mexico for 20 years
To the woods of Southern Virginia, close to Lake Gaston and within a hour or so from my daughter and family.
Deserts with a few inches of rain annually to 40 some odd inches a year in VA.

I am not going to tow the 14' Gregor aluminum that I haved now, over 3000 miles. Forget it.
So now I will need a new boat for Gaston.
G3 boats dealer is very close.
Lund, Lowe and Alumaweld look nice.
Disappointed their all riveted. I wasn't expecting that. I don't want a "all welded" jon
Not sure how hung up I am on a welded boat, even if it's worthy of any concerns?

Ideal for me set up is 14'-16' open tiller with a 25 or 30 hp motor.

What would you buy, if it were you, being a solo fisherman (most of the time)
And why for good measure.
If your Gregor works for you in Baja and would be suitable in VA, why not tow it ?? You'll soon forget it's back there. I bought a truck - Diesel Dodge - and camper - 9'10" Lance - in 2002 and traveled the continent with it for 10 years. LIved in the camper for up to 4 months at a time and loved it. (but I'm single - a couple would have problems) I also bought a 15 ft Gregor with side console and 30 hp Honda. Here's a link to one of many trips I made with that great little boat:

I towed that boat everywhere for 3 years, then bought a somewhat larger 16 ft skiff that was wider and deeper and more suited to what I was doing. That one went everywhere for 6 years. Between the 2 boats, I towed them something approaching 150,000 miles and had no problems, other than one blown tire in B.C....but I was meticulous about maintenance, esp. the wheel bearings of trailer.

That said, I'm highly skilled at handling all types of trailers - from little ATV carriers to logging trucks - and that seems to be a hang-up with many people, esp. backing them in tight quarters. Spend some time in parking lots and get used to it. It won't take long to develop a level of competence.
Can't stand it. The Gregor is a great boat and their quality is unsurpassed, but as I said above, it was a bit small for the things I was doing, such as 30 - 40 mile (one way) rides in the ocean fjords of British Columbia. Dustbuster II was a 16 ft Glen L Cabin Skiff without the cabin. What a great and versatile boat. I have many stories of trips in that one, too, but here's one related to the Grand Canyon trip in the Gregor:
I fish solo most of the time and have no regrets buying a 16’ mod v and tiller 30 hp outboard. Good luck with your decision.

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There is that, too, and the Gregor is a premium boat - you won't be embarrassed to show it off.

What goes around comes around - my place here in New Mexico has found a buyer and I'll be moving to Florida soon, to get back into fishing. For some of the fishing and exploring I plan on doing, my old 15 ft. Gregor would be a perfect choice. Haha.....wonder if the buyer in Palm Springs will sell it back to me....?? :)
I'm from SE NC, living in Wilson now - never seen a Gregor here or in VA. Think it's safe to say you'll have the only Gregor on Gaston.

FWIW, loving my G3 1548 VBW with Yamaha 25 tiller. Put a swivel seat and Carbon Marine tiller extension on it and it's close to perfect. Yamaha shortened their tiller handles a while back - only complaint I have with the motor so far.
I don't want to tow a boat for 3200 miles from my place in Baja Mexico to the Lake Gaston area.
Just no. Appreciate the comments but it's just a no go.
That drive is going to involve overnighters in various motels in territory I am totally unfamiliar with.
And I will be without backup. I am going solo.

I was in Colorado once a long time ago chasing some girl.
That's my farthest venture east.

It's either a Lund, Lowe, Alumacraft or a G3
Leaning towards a Yamaha motor. 25 or 30 ponies PTT long shaft
Hoping to stay around $10K boat motor trailer.
Good choice on motor! Those 25hp Yamahas are awesome.

The boat is a tougher choice, and for that, the closest reputable dealer is the brand of boat I would lean on.
Jim said:
Good choice on motor! Those 25hp Yamahas are awesome.

The boat is a tougher choice, and for that, the closest reputable dealer is the brand of boat I would lean on.

That would be a G3. Dealer is within 5 miles of where I wanted to end up at.

Would a 25 hp be enough for one of those all welded jons that are listed at over 400#?
I am 220#, gas, batts, gear.
Throw in a companion now and again......not the buck twenty# models either.
Some are listed 50 hp max tiller.
Have experience on a 15' open aluminum with a 25 hp Honda.
It was a good combo but it wasn't a 400# + boat either.

30 hp Yamaha is 3 cyl vs 2 on the 25
747cc vs 432cc
Used on waters of Lake Gaston/Kerr VA/NC
G3 is a solid boat, that was my first tin, and i wish i never sold it.

For the outboard, get the biggest you can afford.

I had a 25hp 4-stroke on my G3 and i could get around 20mph. It was an eagle165 with decks, seats, livewells. I was a big boy back then pulling almost 400lbs myself.

Tough decisions for sure.

Check out this guys unboxing of his Yamaha 25hp 4—stroke.

If you go to his channel, you can also see him doing some runs with that outboard.