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Just Don

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Feb 12, 2023
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Lone Star Taxas
Something I would like to do on my boat.

Put a set of seats in it with the back one off to the side making it easier to operate the motors.

Hangkia and the trolling motor. This project I'm sure I know I'll do. Also, add one of those anchors
where I can lower the
anchor at the front of the boat from the back.

I'd love to take out the center seat out move the front one towards the back about 18" to two feet back.

Make two storage with lids on both sides for the battery and gas tank to get out of the back of the boat.

With me and the two motors back there.

I usually go by myself fishing most of the time and two people is the most I'd carry I don't know the weight limit.

I'd like a floor I don't stand up in the boat, but I heard it will help stabilize it some.

The boat needs lights and the trailer does also.

I have a car battery for my trolling motor.

The paint job is good enough for me.

The Hangkia 12 hp 2 stroke isn't a bad motor when I was breaking it in the choke was hard to pull so I didn't think

it was a big deal I pulled it out anyway. Now while running it will work its way out and choke the motor.

It's a knockoff of a 9.9 Tohatsu. I have read some people say replacing the carb is a good upgrade.

I can't see what is wrong with the carb.

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