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Fishing Tackle for Sale


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Aug 27, 2020
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Nature Coast of Florida
I have a whole list of stuff here. Some new, some in storage for quite a few years, all in good to new condition.


Eagle Claw Trailmaster 4 pc. - M4TMLL spin/fly
Cabelas Euro Match Rod - 12'6" - dandy toy to play with. It would be a great surf rod for 4 - 10# line.
Shimano Speedmaster - SM1602 5 ft baitcaster - 8-20# line
Bass Pro Qualifier - new - PQL70MHS 7'0" - 6-17# MH - new
Cabelas XML - 7'0" 10-17#
Fenwick FS83C - 8'3" - 6-17#
GLoomis HSR21C - 8'6" IM6 - 10-20# extra top section (this is the one where I drove to the GLoomis factory in WA and complained about the guide spacing. They gave me a new top)
Ugly Stik BW3050CP701 - 7' 30-50# - new
Seeker American A660 - 6' 20-50# - West Coast stand-up Tuna rod

Shimano Bantam BMP15X
Daiwa BG2500 - new
Quantum QD1420 Graphite
Quantum Cabo CBC20PTS
Ambassadeur 5600CS
Avet MXL45 - new
Penn 113H

When I finished up fishing in the NW, several of my reels were worn out, so I replaced them with those above, but couldn't tell you now which ones....so others are new, too.

Many of the lures - and much other, such as pliers and Gulp - are new. Colored jig heads on the right are by Capt. LeMay. Many of the newer lures are converted to single hooks. Much of the stuff in the 2 tackle boxes is older, but mostly good.

Another box (not shown) has a double handful of various sinkers. At the top of the big tackle box, the black reel with tubing and black object beside it is a thermo-probe on a 50 ft cord to find thermoclines with....if you're ever fishing for Lake Trout. 😊😊

The Avet reel is 2nd from bottom; GLoomis rod is 3rd from bottom. 500 bucks, right there.

Everything is in good shape. There's over $2,000 worth all told and I'd like to see $700 for the whole works. Tackle boxes go with it - everything in the pics (and a couple reels I missed) The 4 spinning outfits at top are little Bass and Bluegill outfits - new - and not on the lists, but they add up.View attachment 20N0849.JPG

The usual PIA in trying to attach photos. Hope y'all can make sense of it. Tackle is in Floral City, FL.


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