Max Trout the Law Allows is Called a LIMIT!

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Aug 14, 2016
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Clayton California
And that's what I got yesterday! haha

Mrs Ldubs, our two dogs, and I hit my regular spot pretty hard for about 1.5 hours with nothing, nada, zilch. A couple of weeks ago I got a couple ticks passing through another area that I really hadn't fished before. I thought maybe something other than trout. I decided to move there and bingo, had the limit within an hour.

We were trolling in 80' to 90' of water. Surface temp about 65.5 deg's. I was trolling at 2.6 - 2.9 mph. Caught 2 at 25' and 3 at 35" OTW. Used a 75' set-back. All caught on Speedy Shiner spoons. I was using a darker color. Even though the water is pretty clear, I generally go with darker when trolling deep. I saw the first trout jump out of the water before I even realized I had a hook up.

Looks like we are in for another drought. The lake level is way down from where it has been the last couple of years. I could see where the concrete ramp ended from the dock. A few more feet and folks will be backing off the end of that part of the ramp, unless they block it off.

No trophies this time but still a day on the water is great and catching fish is a bonus!

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A limit is always good! :beer:
Curious, it is a trip for you, but did you ever fish Flaming Gorge, supposed to be some really big trout in there from articles I have read.
overboard said:
A limit is always good! :beer:
Curious, it is a trip for you, but did you ever fish Flaming Gorge, supposed to be some really big trout in there from articles I have read.

I've never been to Flaming Gorge but have heard a lot about it. I read about guys from Northern California making the trip there for Trout and Kokanee. For me it would be a long two days drive towing the boat.

Another place I haven't been is Pyramid Lake north or Reno Nevada. I hear guys talk about catching monster Lahontan Cutthroats from the banks or a boat. What is unique is guys fishing from the "bank" put a ladder out it the water. I guess to get to deeper water.
With all due respect, any day on water whether catching fish or not is a good day! For me the fish is a plus when it comes to the beauty Our Lord has made for us to view. I have a stepson who lives in Filmore, Calif. His mom and me are making plans for a cross country excursion. Hope to hit some of these places' you guys talking about. LOL! With all these location's she just may fly out and I'll see her in a month or so!
You all will love this the pic's being shown are of "Lake Superior", Bethal,NY // NOT the one by Minn, Mich, & Wiscon


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No need to say "with all due respect". I can't imagine anyone on these boards taking exception to your point and no-one is going to be worse off being reminded. I pretty much said the same thing in my original post.

There is a town 80 or 90 miles from where your stepson lives called Solvang. It is relatively small place that looks like it was lifted out of Denmark and planted in California. I always enjoy stopping by there if I'm in the neighborhood (they have some terrific pastries).