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Mercury 9.8 hp parts


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Apr 17, 2014
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North Alabama
Would anyone be interested in purchasing some parts off of a short shaft 1982 Mercury 9.8 hp? I have one I got as a project a few years back. Done a decent bit of work on it but keep finding things I need to fix if I want to sell it comfortably as a complete and running motor. The coils are on the verge of going out but the rest of the ignition system is good, including a new powerpack. Lower unit is in good shape and has new gear oil and the seals are good too. Carburetor is good. Pull start assembly is good. And the powerhead has 120 psi on both cylinders, although some of the bosses on the block which the starter mounts to have been broken and had some redneck engineering done to refit it. The clamps and mid are in decent shape - the shocks are shot though and the locking mechanism on the clamps is broken. Tiller handle is mostly ok but the cables seemed to be stretched out (one of the recent expenses I can't justify).

If you have any questions let me know. I would need to sell the lower and the powerpack first before I started parting ways with smaller, less valuable parts.
Still available? I know this post is a few years old. I also sent pm.
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