Mercury Mariner 40 HP - Anyone have one?

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Feb 25, 2011
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Virginia, USA
Have a boat I'm thinking about keeping, and it has an 80's Mercury Mariner 40 HP outboard.

From what I can tell, this is one of the ones made by Yamaha for Mercury. I see the Yamaha logo (Three tuning forks) in a number of places on the motor.

Has anyone here had one of these motors? What is your opinion of it? Strong or weak for it's HP rating? Reliable?

I've had very good experiences with Yamahas in the past, but am always curious of others opinions.

Compression is 120 psi on both cylinders, but it hasn't been started in probably 5 years, so will be curious to see what it needs, if anything. Probably a carb clean and fresh impeller.

Here are a couple of pictures:



I'd definitely be trying to get it started, and go from there. May need less or more work than you think. Definitely get any old gas out of it.
I have one from the '80s I fixed up last year in the thread below. The light weight to hp ratio is what I wanted. If you google 40C Mariner you will find a lot of fans. I have yet to get mine on the water because I move like a snail. Also posting a video of one from a guy in Ga. I called that guy to talk motors and he said it was his favorite by far.
Thanks for the replies, especially the video links.

This seems like a really nice motor. Once I put gas and water to her, we'll see what's up.

I also just got a 1990 Suzuki 25 in partial trade for an Evinrude 35. That also looks like a great motor. I saw where your guy had one of those on his video list, and it looks like it has monster torque.

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