need advice Alumacraft 1436 corroded bottom

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Apr 17, 2010
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Hi ,I purchased a Alumacraft 1436 lte with a corroded bottom ,
there were 30 small holes ranging from pinhole of 2 mm up to a nickel , I have patched them with 2 component aluminium epoxy , I want to '' paint the outside with some rubberized roof sealant , would that be a good way to strengthen the bottom?
please advice
I would be worried about structural integrity unless your just gonna paddle around or go slow with a small motor. Going fast with a bigger motor might cause the weak floor to buckle...just my two cents...
How large is the area where the corrosion is concentrated?

You should post some pictures of the problem.

I’m not so sure I like the idea of painting the bottom to make it water tight. There are better methods.

Depending on what you have, one thing that comes to mind is maybe bonding a doubler on the inside.
there are 30 holes all over the bottom of the boat , clean it with a steel wire drill bit , and 2 comp aluminium epoxy , bottom is water tight
In my opinion and what I would do...

After repairs

Make sure it floats with maximum load, engine, battery etc.

Fill it full of water while it in shallow water so you can bail it out if it won't stay above the water when full.

If it just wants to sink, add flotation, and try to sink it again.

Have up to date flares, the best life preservers, etc.

It should not have corroded so badly either, so find out what did it and try to prevent further damage.
What we do in my part of the world is patch it. Right over the bad spot. It won't be pretty, but it'll work and if you can scrounge up a sheet of aluminum almost free.

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