New (to me) '88 Bass Tracker Pro 17

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Sep 3, 2023
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Oakley, CA
Hi All,
Just picked up this Tracker last August. Only mods/repairs I've done so far is to change out the lower unit on the 40hp mariner and replace the MK 595 with a Terrova. The old trolling motor worked fine, but the mechanical turn (not digital) interfered with my fly casting. I plan to redeck it this winter after Striper season here on the California delta. I want to incorporate a 12" step all along the port side as to accomidate a rod locker underneath for 9' poles. This boat is really working out well for me. Grammy likes to bait cast off the back while I fly cast on the front. Still deciding on what electronics for the front, so I bought a cheap 5" helix ($200) to use for now until I figure it out. Grandkids call it the "Grammy & Poppo" boat.
Went with ABS hatches (temporary) for now. They set a little higher so I’ll have to shim my stripping bucket for fly fishing. I’m eventually still going to use carpet covered aluminum but just needed quick storage. Stock storage on these early Trackers wasn’t the best. New 125Ah for my trolling motor.


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