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Should we have a "Post a Pic of your...trailer?" thread?

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This is the trailer that came with my 12' northwood boat. Not sure of the year or make, but it gets the job done.
Had to add lights, new bunks, and a new winch. I will probably also be doing the bearings soon.




I added the guides shortly after buying it, and can't believe I have never had guides on a trailer before.

Here are the before pics. It's an aluminum slide on that I snagged on CL for $600

When I removed the wood bunks, I discovered some severe pitting underneath.

nother shot

After dissassembly and sandblasting, this is where I am.

I mixed up some epoxy and started filling those pits. The left corner is gone here.

After everything sets up, Ill go over it with a belt sander.

More pitting :(

Hows this for a trailer :shock:

Picked the boat up from a retired Gentlemen. It was grungy and highly oxidized and was sitting on the ground chained to a tree in his front yard with a "For Sale " sign on it.. I was going to get it if the price was right,so I had pulled the jon boat trailer up there. After agreeing to a price, He said, "well come on down here, the trailer for it is in the woods".
It was so over grown with weeds and honey suckle that I literally had to pull it out with the jeep. I really didn't want it but I thought I could get some money for the scrap metal. Turned out that other than surface rust,it wasn't in that bad of shape. The bearings, spindles, leaf springs and axle were great shape. So its been a work in progress since
Fitting the side rails....

Welded up and a drain hole in the bottom. Need to find some caps for the tops.
Here's the trailer I ended up using with my Tracker Grizzly. It's an old Caulkins galvanized unit, that needed stretched to fit and the axle moved back. I added 19" to the length to support the hull clear to the transom. My son and I painted it to match color wise, but used a semi gloss to clean up easier than the flat finish on the boat. Rebuilt everything on it from end to end, including all new fasteners either plated or SS, so now I basically have a new 1983 trailer. I flipped the springs and axle to lower it and moved the axle back 12" to get the weight distribution where I wanted it.


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Tired of the balancing act necessary when loading last year, I added a urethaned piece of plywood to stand on.


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Couple pics of the trailer. I redid what I could when I bought the boat.


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Shoreland'r worked with me replacing all the VIN ID and capacity stickers on my trailer. I don't understand why ID tags are supposed to be permanent, but they are gone in a few years. In the 'old days' trailers had a stamped tag riveted to the frame.
Shoreland'r requires full documentation and a small fee. But they will re-issue ID stickers.


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I am surprised to see so much effort everyone is putting into their trailers. This is some nice stuff. This is great. I see many ratty, barely road-worthy trailers at the local launch. I was beginning to think it wasn't important to anyone.

This is a '600lb' trailer made by COX. These are good for small boats. This one is set-up for a 12ft Mirrocraft. It costs almost as much as a new trailer to rebuild an old one. Not worth it on paper, well worth it going down the road.


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For all of you who thought your trailer was junk before you fixed it here's mine. Trust rusty. Still a work in progress. I've used it for two years. What I've done to it so far. New bearings, races, seals, bearing buddies, lights, bunks ( need to be lowered + need to add support for front of boat ) Tires, & valve stems. The boat launch is only one mile from my house and the farthest I pull is 10 miles to another lake down back roads where I can take it slow & easy.


Paid $25 minus the upgrades listed

Old winch still works great

The frame needs to be cut so I can weld in the center beam ( yes I see the rust holes too Already have the material to fix it )

the guy who built it before me went overkill on every weld & joint but hey it's plenty strong

one last look
I needed a trailer that would disassemble.
The main assembly with the bunks goes into the bed of my pickup.
The rest goes into the toy hauler.
Boat on top of the truck, ATV in toy hauler.


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I bought a 1648 jon, motor and trailer some time ago and have been working on it for a while. The trailer is an odd one.

This the trailer tongue in the Normal mode:


Pull this pin:

and you can do this: Great for launching in ponds where there is not a launch ramp. The rear tires of the truck stay up on solid ground.


The original owner mounted a cross member to the bunk brackets and then mounted the bunks to the top of it. Made the bunks very high above the trailer frame: You can see the rear cross member is split.


I removed all of that:


Here is one of the bunk brackets installed on the trailer frame. I used the hole directly under the L bracket for the top of the U-bolt to get the bracket (and the bunk) as low as possible.


It sits like that for now, waiting for the wood preservative I applied to the two 10' bunks to dry. I will install them, and top them with slicks made from vinyl fence posts from Lowe's.

Here are the new bunks:


and here they are covered:


They work very well. I power loaded the boat using the trolling motor. Can't get much better than that.
I have to make new guide bunks as the old ones now hit the gunnels rather than the side of the boat since I lowered the boat on the trailer. I have some fire hose I will split to cover those to keep from scratching the sides of the boat. Then install the new winch tower I got from another trailer. I will use it the rest of the summer and fall and come winter I will redo the axle with new hardware and begin the painting process. Stay tuned.
Before pic

Have some work to do but did replace bearings and it rolls as it should:)


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here is my trailer before my DIY guide ons. let me know if you want details about my guide ons. very simple and inexpensive. ill had pics of the guide ons a little later


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