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Mar 12, 2022
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West Chester, PA
I bought a used Starcraft SF 14. No outboard just bow and stern trolling motors. Batteries are under the casting desk so boat balance is way off. I want to move the batteries to the stern and rewire correctly. Also installing recessed foot control.

I made the simple attached diagram. Any thoughts on this? And go reference sites for parts and design?

Thanks very much.

looks good, except for the cramp you will get from the foot control in the middle. fish with it until fall,with it movable, then put it where it worked best all summer.
Thanks for the feedback.

Any thoughts on where to get parts?

Are you saying put the pedal offset. I used it last year but not recessed so I couldn't really use it while standing.
offset. if its not in a super comfortable spot, you will have cramps in leg(s) after fishing. even knee and back pain. if its cable operated, you are limited as to where to place it , but i find locating it at about 2 oclock and at a slight angle works best for me, then i put a couple screws where i want it to stey located and cut the screw heads off so the holes in the foot control will slide over the screws. i finally had to convert to a hand control because im old and knees sukk.

hope you understood
I have had pretty good luck just ordering fuse boxes, buss bars, terminals, switch panels, etc. from Ebay or Amazon.

Jumper cables make pretty good cheap wire that you can get locally. I also use wire designed for car audio pretty regularly. It's good stuff, Knukonceptz is my go-to for that.

As far as design goes, I like to have a large main fuse/circuit breaker rated for the size of the wire as close to the battery as possible, then use a fuse panel near the devices both as a distribution block/buss bar and circuit protection for each device. I prefer a circuit breaker since it also doubles as an easy battery disconnect switch, should the boat sit for any period of time.

I'm not sure how you want to run the wires. You can buy adhesive cable tie mounts to hang it along the gunnel. Semi-rigid plastic conduit works pretty good as well.

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