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SOLD!! 1957 14' Feather Craft Ranger III, with 1962 Evinrude Lark IV - PENDING


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Jan 15, 2020
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1957 14' Feather Craft Ranger III, with 1962 Evinrude Lark IV, 40 HP motor. Located in NW Florida.

I had fully intended to restore this boat, but I'm at the point where I realize that I have too many projects for my available time, and so, it has to go.

Hull is in good shape, with no external dings or dents, but does have a welded patch in the bottom, that is barely visible from inside the boat. The front seat deck is dented and cut on the left side, but should be a relatively easy fix, and would be invisible under a cushion anyway.
Boat was originally gold anodized, but is faded and would really need to be brushed / polished.

The boat is set up for left hand drive – I have a new, very stylish, stainless steel steering wheel for it, complete new set of cast brackets & gaskets for a split windshield, new correct cast transom handles, and a really nice vintage Atwood bow light, with near perfect chrome.

Motor is a Lark IV Electric, a fresh water motor, and looks to be in pretty decent shape. It's free turning and feels to have very good compression. It's all complete, with wiring harness, original starter generator, etc, AND it comes with the correct cockpit control for this exact motor. I have OMC operator & shop manuals for the motor. I have not run the motor, but I have no doubt it should be fine with a good tune up.

The boat is on a vintage trailer of little value, but I put some bunks and a winch on it, and checked out the hitch, etc – It should be adequate to transport the boat, but you will ultimately need a better trailer.

Boat has a clear Florida title – I'd like to get $1500 for it, which is almost what I have in it.
More photos of boat and motor, available on request.
[email protected]

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