StarCraft Supersport 16' Conversion

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Wes The Best

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Aug 10, 2020
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Purpose: To take a recently acquired early 1970's 16' StarCraft Supersport hull and build a open floor pleasure boat used primarily in the Hudson River and Lake Ontario on New York.
Given: Limited monies, time, space, or knowledge on boat building but blessed with the ability to improvise, adapt and overcome (Semper Fi).
Solution: Use and general skills to construct said boat by 2021 boating season.

What naturally drew me to the forum was a need to construct my own boat, thus saving money and providing a sense of satisfaction that comes only with building something held together with blood, sweat, and tears (not always mine). I did not go and finance a new 18' dream boat, I found a free piece of aluminum. I find this to be counter-intuitive to the real boaters that have ample money to throw away on custom fabricated consoles, t-tops, motors, service calls, and other boating accessories. But its really not my place to call out the various types of boaters. Because Like I always say "you pay in time or money."

As I have daydreamed an unhealthy amount of days pondering my first boat build, I should like it to included the following:
  • Center Console
  • Open floor
  • Captains Chair
  • T-Top/Bimini
  • 4-Stroke 40-60 HP Outboard
  • Bow seating/bed and tent
  • Swim platform

This list is subject to change without notice and will likely evolve as I gain knowledge from this forum and personal trials and tribulations. I have many questions that I may find answers to in old threads but look forward to sharing my dream build over the next winter with the Tin boat community. Things I would like to discuss, best 4 stroke engine, rib and sidewall reinforcement, flotation (2lb pour vs board), flooring material (RFP, street signs, marine plywood), electrical systems, lighting, seating, etc.

I am trying to put features in a 16' aluminum v-hull that I don't think are common, or at very least may take up floor space. I am an engineer by trade and like to over analyze and engineer permanent solutions to my problems. All which should make for some good discuss and controversy. :---)

I look forward to getting this build started and will do so by posing my first question:

Given the boat as pictured what should I do first?

My strip the boat further. While it appears to be just a hull of a boat I want to remove the blue paint (prep for future painting), horn (yup I think its original), and other nonstructural members. Then give it a good clean and test those rivets...


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Wes The Best said:
... am an engineer by trade and like to over analyze and engineer permanent solutions to my problems.
Hmmmmmmmmmm, prone to paralysis by analysis are we?

I'd continue your stripping it first (get rid of all those rusty steel fasteners!) then leak test it and prep accordingly, i.e., some rivets might need rebucking or you may decide to goop them w/ West Systems G-Flex 650 before adding the floor, etc..

Then plywood floor with block or poured in foam (leave limber holes) as either has benefits, and decide on power. PLAN your floor well, like if going a console - side or center - plan where everything goes and consider adding a PVC 'chase' tube from the stern up the hull for rigging and wiring. There is a benefit here to careful planning aforethought ... :D .
Looks like you have good bones. This is a project I have had on my list for a while so I'll be following along!

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