The Stolen Shirt

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Aug 4, 2007
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Yet another move closer to Ahab!!!
So me and my bro (boathauler32) have a tradition of stealing stuff from each other after a long visit..... Last August while visiting i took his favorate bar shirt, boy it ticked him off!!!! Forgot all about it till tonight, what do you guys think....... Should I keep it or burn it!!!!


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Keep it - but use it to do nasty things, frying fish, changing oil etc.

I used to do the same thing to my brother - he had a collection of authentic hockey jerseys that were very costly. Whenever I would visit him I would "borrow" one. One day he showed up at my apartment and retrieved all of his shirts as well as bunch of my clothes.

I still have a scar to prove it!

PS - Getting hit with a hockey stick friggin hurts!
sew one of the sleeves closed, wash it, press it, fold it and give it back :wink:
HEHEHEHE.... I Told him hes only getting it back when he comes to florida, i like the idea to sew the sleves closed before i return it tho LMAO..... Im sure hes lurking around on this thread and hes just fumming away and ploting some lame kind of revenge joke lol
First of all, this proves that he (my bro) WILL steal the shirt off your back, so be careful. I know cause he did it to me!

Second of all, if anything happens to that shirt from now on I will hold ALL of you personally responsible (even though i thought the idea of sewing up one sleve was pretty good). So lock up all your good shirts cause come feburary I minght be huntin yours down!!!!.............
boathauler32 said:
So lock up all your good shirts cause come feburary I minght be huntin yours down!!!!.............

Bring it on Chummmmmmmmmmmmp! Jokes gonna be on you tho, my best shirt is my black Costal Marine Transport shirt and all my others are either old beaten up tee shirts that I got from cool bars ive been to or Hackney Concrete tee shirts....

EDIT* now touch any of my fishing equipment and Id Kill Ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fishin NJ said:
Dip it in some of that nasty scent you put on those hogs of yours , seal it up in a zip lock bag and ship it back ground mail this summer. Should be great by the time it arrives :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

I had to read that one twice and slow! LOL!