Tinboats Tournament August 21st - Bloomington, IL!


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Hanr3 said:

Couple of questions for you.

I see on the first page the tournament starts at 6:30am and runs to 3:30pm.
Are we meeting in advance someplace, your campsite, the boat dock?
Preregistration? or registration the morning of?

I need a head count of those planning on eating the fish fry Saturday night.

If my fam can come, then I'm in for 5.

The plan is to meet at the main ramp/docks. This will allow those not camping to find us easily. Registration opens at 6:00. We'll go over a few of the lake rules @ 6:15. And then FISHING!

For those who can't seem to find me, this is my rig - just look for the blue minivan with wisconsin plates. The boat interior is now black, but the outside still looks like aged aluminum (my favorite look)


I'm PMing my cell number to everyone on the list today.
The more the merrier.
I got you down for 5.

Anybody else joining on the fish fry Saturday night?

This is me.


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YeeHaw! I got my old 3.5 hp motor running today. It took a while and some troubleshooting, but she runs and spits water (cools). Ugly as ...... well, it's one of the ugliest things I have. Even my wife made it out to the garage to tell me how ugly it looked.

Took this video after the 3rd carb float adjustment and points cleaning/adjustment. I think I found the happy medium.

[youtube]<object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie" value="https://www.youtube.com/v/dQ8eq1QqJZI&hl=en_US&fs=1"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="https://www.youtube.com/v/dQ8eq1QqJZI&hl=en_US&fs=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="480" height="385"></embed></object>[/youtube]

By the way, if you have an exposed wire on your spark plug, be sure not to grab it accidentally and let the electricity surge through your body from your hand through your leg - all while your wife is watching! #-o I think she's checking the life insurance policies now for 'stupidity' clauses. :LOL2:
Them little motors are great thats why I'll never give up my 5.5 it runs no matter what. You might want to consider leaving your big
motor on because if you get to far from the dock and the little motor and or trolling motor gives up you can always call into the office and they will let you drop the big motor down and come in on an idle. This saves them from coming out to tow you in.
Great video.

I have a 7hp Eska that runs, its loud, and will wear out your arm by days end, but it works great.
I was making a mental checklist of what to bring to the tourney.

So, does anyone have a scale they want to volunteer to use for weigh-in?

What kind of scale do you think we need? I have a 15lb digital rapala scale, if you think that would work.

The scale I have is the same 15lb digital rapala scale as BYOB Fishing has. Unless someone has a platform scale this should work all we need to do is put the fish in a tournament bag. And we can always get creative if total weight is more then 15lbs.
I would think that would work. We are only weighing 3 fish, so unless someone catches 3 5 pounders - we should be good. If anyone maxes out the scale, I think they might just be declared the winner! :LOL2:
Not sure about the weather elsewere, however this week around here we have been in the mid-high 90's + a heat index pushing us into the low 100's (104-113). This isnt dry heat, **** near 80% humidity. Been raining off and on for the past few nights too.

Just checked Bloomington, IL. weather 10 day forecast. Its supposed to be sunny with a high of 83 degrees, night time lows of 63. Sounds like great weather, day and night.

Hoping the heat wave has turned the fish off, and the cool week will send them into a feeding frenzy.

By the way, if you hear "Fish On in the front of the boat", you'll know where I am. :mrgreen:
Today they put rain in the forecast for Saturday. If past performance is any indicator of future performance, the rain should either pass through a couple days earlier, OR never happen.
Rain could be good. I always have had better luck fishing in the rain and the good thing about the summer is everything eventually dries out.
turismo01 said:
Man i would be there but my boat isnt ready yet. :(

I thought mine was!
A simple carb rebuild has turned into a full out half the engine ripped apart ordeal. At one point today I had the carb off, whole lower unit off, the bottem end of the lower unit off, the flywheel/electrical plate off, the spark plugs out and about a quart of PB Blaster and oil mixed in each piston ot soak the rings.

Right now the carb is rebuilt and ready to be installed, the flywheel is back on, altough based on more research Im questioning my point gap timing and will ahve to redo that tomorrow, the lower unit is still completely apart and I still need to rebuild the water pump. Put it all back together, and test, adjust it.

Come on out, it'll be fun.
turismo01 said:
Man i would be there but my boat isnt ready yet. :(

Does she float? If so, she's ready!

I ran that little 3.5 hp Eska yesterday to see how it would work. It pushed me and a kid a whole 4.9 mph - might go even faster with the wind :LOL2:
From Larry's Fishin Hole www.larrysfishinghole.com

EVERGREEN LAKE - North of Bloomington to Exit #8 on I-39, and West just over 1-mile and turn left (south) at sign.
This Lake has BOATING FEES and Evergreen Lake remains a 10 hp (or less) lake. You may use a larger motor ONLY to load and unload from your trailer. Larger motors MUST be propped out of the water once you are away from the courtesy docks. No Size Limit on CRAPPIE Just THE FIFTEEN (15) CRAPPIE PER DAY CREEL LIMIT
- Bass were FAIR-SLOW and mostly in the evenings.
- Bluegill were FAIR on wax worms and parts of crawlers.
- Catfishing has been FAIR-GOOD on livers and dip baits.
- Crappie were SLOWER this week for the crankbait trollers with just a few reported in 15 foot water..
- Saugeye were SLOW-FAIR this week
*THE BAIT SHOP IS OPEN seven days a week, with minnows, waxworms, nightcrawlers, leeches, and various tackle.

Hopefully the cooler weather we're due to have this week will help the A.M. bite.

Oh YEAH! I just bought a new battery for the boat - 210 reserve capacity beast. It matches the one I bought last year so that makes 420 total reserve capacity available to draw from!!!

I had issues yesterday with one really old battery only used for starting and the depthfinder, it didn't have enough juice left and was causing issues with the finder. I told my wife I'd just borrow her dad's and she shocked me with "Why don't you just buy a new one!" I pushed back with, "If I buy one, I'd better get two so I can set up a two battery setup for the troller and run on high speed all day..." She didn't go for the idea, but I had to ask.

Now I just gotta figure out the electroshock gadget before Saturday :LOL2:
Nice, always a good thing when the wife agrees to new gear. :mrgreen:

1 more day till Friday, are you ready for this weekend?

Updated weather forecast,
Saturday Scattered Thunder Storms, high of 90, low of 69. It'll be great sleeping weather and Im hoping the rain/cloud cover will really turn the fish on.

My engine saga continues. After umteen billion starts and carb adjustments I can get the engine to start and idle pretty well. However I dont have reverse. So tomorrow I have to pack, food shop, assemble the tri-pod, and pull the lower unit and figure that out. Thinking I may have put one component in backwards.

Mind if I drop off the firewood, and the other supplies for Saturday nights fish fry on Friday night? I'm leaving work at 3:30 or so Friday, should arrive at the park by 4:45-5:00pm. Do my thing at the Rangers office and swing by your camp site to drop off Saturday fish fry stuff, If you dont mind? I'll bring you enough firewood for Friday and Saturday nights. I'll also bring a tarp to keep it covered just in case we do get the r word. Can you provide a couple eggs for the fish fry? I'll bring the rest.

Not sure which White Oak primative campsite I'll have yet, however it will have two American flags stuck in the ground at waters edge, stop by anytime. Especially if you need to seek shelter from the storm. I'm bringing my 10'x20' dining fly. It's more like a carport. :mrgreen: