Tornado Warning!

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Oct 5, 2008
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Lake in the Hills Illinois
One round of thunderstorms has gone by. Now the really bad line of storms is coming. 75MPH straight line winds, hail, rain and tornados EF3 or EF4 in strength.
Got the dogs in their crates downstairs. Have every flashlight and all batteries.
The tornado warning has been cancled in my county, still have straight wind speeds 60's 70's coming.
I hope you have a back up generator and a wood stove, stay safe, don't touch any downed trees that touch wires.
12,000 watt generator. 30 and 50 amp outputs. I can run the whole house but only plug in one refrigerator or freezer at a time and no laundry.
We have natural gas for heat, cooking and hot water. I have put a cord and plug on the furnace. I plug it into a power cord with the water heater.
The longest I have gone on a generator is 5 days, it was an old green Coleman 400 watt.
I have an 18 gallon tank on a stand for it. 18 gallons of gas gets me about 30 hours of run time which matches with the 30 hour oil change interval.
The last time we lost power for an extented time was 39.5 hours. With the same 4000 watt coleman generator.
Bought the new 12,000 watt AI Power generator at Menards. It was on clearance and had to drive 1.5 hours to pick it up.
Well worth it.
Looks like the storm front has passed over me. The wind was blowing but not bad.
Algonquin Illinois, Mchenry county. About 20 miles south of the Wisconsin border about halfway from Chicago and Rockford Ill.
I'm having fresh baked Dutch apple bread and 3 fingers of fireball in a pint size Ball canning jar, I deserve it.
The Nascar truck and Busch series was racing at what was Gateway speedway in Madison Illinois and the weather was really iffy that weekend.
It was getting really bad when the Nascar officals stated to run to the tunnel under the track. Then everyone started for the tunnel. I know better then to get i a confinded space during a tornado. I stayed in an area the had 8' tall chain link fences about 6 feet apart. This gave you perfection from blowing debris. As thinks got really bad a couple of us ran back the garages and got into the drivers seats of some of busch cars and strapped in.
A tornado passed just outside the track and flipped one of the drivers motor coach over.
My thinking was if that car was safe to hit walls at over 150 mph that's where I want to be.
Good to hear your OK. I live in Southeast Oklahoma. (just south of Heneryetta) Well versed in Tornados and not by choice just location. Have a real storm cellar. Old school type built in the ground not a prefab type. Next to the cellar is a generator which is inclosed inside of vented 1/4 steel case which is anchored into the ground on a concrete base. The storm cellar has a refrigerator, couch that rolls into a bed, TV,radio, coffee table, couple of lamps,massive first aid kit, fan, and a small gas powered chain saw. The chain saw is for cutting your way out if need be. I have experienced three tornados and yes they scare the C### out of me. The chainsaw was added a few years back when after the tornado passed we were stuck in the cellar due to a tree blocking the exit.
Not my first time once when I was young, we had a tornado go down our street. Our double length redwood picnic table ended up a couple blocks away in some family friend's yard. We went over put on the roof of our station wagon and brought it home.