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Jan 21, 2014
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Boat decks and docks can become slippery when wet. Some surfaces could benefit from applying a non-skid coating such as Tuff Coat. Tuff Coat is a rubberized deck coating to make surfaces less slick and can be used on a variety of surfaces including concrete, steel or even previously painted areas. The finished results will be UV and chemical resistant for long-term use. One great feature is that it is environmentally friendly! No VOCs or isocyanates are included in this product. The variety of colors and textured appearance makes it popular in the marine industry.

Tuff Coat must be applied to clean surfaces. The surfaces must be free of debris, grease or other contaminants. Simple green and a scrub brush can be used to clean the surface of contaminated areas. For other areas, soap and water can be used.

Once surfaces are clean and ready for primer, it is important to choose the correct primer.

1) CP-10: Water Based Epoxy Primer can be used for concrete, wood, fiberglass and painted surfaces. This is made for areas that experience extreme moisture.
2) MP-10L Water Based Metal Primer can be used for aluminum or steel surfaces.

Only Tuff Coat rollers should be used for applications. With the online project calculator, you can choose your length, width and surface material to determine the needed amount of product.

Once you have completed your Tuff Coat application, you will be satisfied with your safe non-slip surface. This is a great product for boat docks and decks. The textured results will provide an appealing look for your flooring needs. Aside from boat decks and docks, it can be used on a multitude of surfaces or projects. This material has been used around pools, water parks and stadium stairs to prevent slippery surfaces. This product is known as the world’s number one rubberized non-skid coating!

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