14 ft Lund restoration and conversion


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Jun 2, 2015
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This summer I purchased a 1974 SV14 Lund and trailer at a good price. They were both in usable condition, but my intent was a full restoration and conversion to a bass style layout which I am most comfortable. The purpose of this boat, since I also have a newer Crestliner CV17, is to fish several large trolling motor only lakes near me, and since I winter in Florida, to use it on the small lakes and bays there.

My restore included installation of a vinyl floor, splitting the middle seat for a walk through, adding a front deck, adding a livewell, painting and overhauling the trailer. Plus many smaller features.

I am posting the basic before and after pics. I also have numerous construction photos. I know this type of conversion has been done numerous times on this great forum. So if there is some interest in this project, I will be glad to post additional pics and descriptions of the process


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I hope these additional photos better show the modifications that I made. The original photos were not as dramatic as in person. LOL. My intention was to keep the exterior near stock although I chose a paint color to match my truck and van. [emoji4]


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You will notice I split the center seat so it was easier for an old man to get around. Each compartment now houses one of my two group 29 batteries. An additional third battery is in back. All original bracing was maintained plus additional support was added to the compartments and floor. The front deck is accessible by the hatch in front. The rear hatches are for the divided livewell which I made, not pretty but it doesn't leak. I also added foam sheets under the floor and front deck. The flooring shown in one picture was used only for the pattern. The actual flooring is varnished 1/2 marine plywood. The covering is marine vinyl. I have additional details if interested and I will be glad to answer any questions. Thanks for looking.

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I have a question. I have this same exact boat but I can not find any serial number or anything on it. Could u tell me where I can find all of this information at?
Hi! How are things holding up with the boat? My son has the exact same boat and is wanting to make the same modifications. Are you happy with this setup? Any tips you can provide would be appreciated. Thank you!

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