1648 Semi-V Jon Mod (Completed)


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Jan 1, 2012
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Central Wisconsin
Before Pics and Vids as I bought the boat

Bought this boat, trailer and 1996 25hp 2 stroke Mercury tiller for $2400 last fall. I've been looking for 3 years for a boat like this for this price. It came with removable carpeted floors, two batteries and a 40lb thrust Minn kota trolling motor.

In the fall I built a removable duck blind for it. Now I'm setting it up as a fishing rig and duck hunting boat.
First Boat ride checking it out:

After this point will be updates regarding the modifications I made
Now my build will start with a new built in fabbed aluminum livewell. I had the idea in my head which I transferred to a cardboard mockup. The whole idea being that I wanted it to look and operate like it came with the boat from the manufacturer.
This is the most expensive part of the build. Frankly I'm not sure it's worth the cost for what I want, but with the cost of Aluminum, pumps, tubing and then fabrication time as well as install, I felt it was worth what they are charging me. Wish I could weld Aluminum, but I cannot. I thought about fiberglass, plastic plywood, etc. but nothing seemed to me to be what I wanted.

The remainder of the build will be extending the front deck another 18" with access hatches (two ribs) by framing it out of aluminum angle, installing decking on the middle and rear bench seat, making a bench on the left side that spans the rear and middle seat to mount the fish locator and panel switches and just for other use. and finally installing a hinged deck over the back to hide the battery and gas tank...all of course carpeted.

My duck blind:


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Right now the boat is at the marina getting the tank fabricated. Should take a couple of weeks at least. Then I'll start the build.

So far I've procured the following:

3- 4x8 CDX Exterior grade plywood - $53
6- 1 1/4"x1x1 1/4" X 1/8"x 8'0" angle Aluminum $86.22 (best price I've found on Aluminum including shipping. Way cheaper than Lowes or Menards.
2 - 50ct. pop rivets $4
3- Quarts Henry 263 Carpet Adhesive - $28.27 (includes shipping)Tip from Jay415's Post
2 - Qt. Polyethylene Resin w/catalyst - $30.00
6 switch custom w/plug inl $169.00 incl. shipping
2 - Release a seat bracket $31.34 shipped( Tip from Gillhunter's Post
2-angle grinder metal cutting wheels $4
5- 12" Aluminum Piano Hinges - $16
2 - 6' Stainless Steel Piano Hinges - $22.50
21 feet of 16oz marine grade carpet - Sandstone - $155.00 shipped
2 -Timer Module: $70.00 shipped
Terminal Block: $15.00
Busbar: $17.34
inline fuse holder for timer: $9.00
50a breaker main $9.00
Total for the build = $752.42 (not including the livewell)

Will post as the build continues.....
Update on the livewell:
Here are some pics of the livewell build. Turning out exactly as I planned.


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You got a nice rig there! That motor runs nice! And I know your planning well! Can't wait to see it throughout the build!
Livewell Fabrication is done, plumbing all installed. (electrical incomplete though). Pics coming tomorrow...
Ordered the new switch panel and timer. Found some carpet at Lowes. Not sure if it will work or not....hooks pull out fairly easily and has rubber backing....soaking sample in water overnight to see how it does.
Looking forward to watching your project, looks like it will be a really good one =D> .
One of thing items I found out quickly was that now with the fill pump installed in the back, my gas tank no longer fits. I had intended to build a small deck over the pump to protect it, but just realized my tank is too tall if I want to install a deck hatch on the back end as I had intended. So, my other option is to look for a longer lower profile gas tank. That'll be $40 I won't get back. lol
I had a similar problem with my bilge pump. Had to make sure it was tight against the transom otherwise as tank wouldn't fit.
continuing on with the build....a little cold in the garage this time of year, but this is fun stuff. Cut plywood for a bench and the vertical piece for extending the deck. Also installed the angle supports for the side shelf.


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Continued on with the modification today. Got a lot accomplished including cutting out the front deck, building the support framing for the side bench/shelf.
Originally I had only intended to build a shelf on the side, but now that the framing support is complete, it has me contemplating making it a storage area also. Mulling it over.

One error today. cut the front deck out. and the new area will be hinged hatch for storage. I used 1 1/2" of the existing aluminum deck as a platform support for the hinged area (so I didn't have to eat up any more 1/8" angle alum.). On the original front deck there was a hole cut out for the front swivel seat. So I proceeded to cut the hole out only to realize the plate of the swivel seat extended past the planned hinged area. :oops: oh well. Took the cutout, added some dust to some wood glue and glued it back in.....waiting for it all to set up before I start epoxying all the wood.
Was 19 degrees outside today, but I didn't notice...was having just too much fun to think about the cold. :D


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This is becoming extremely addictive. I so look forward to seeing it finished I try to use every spare minute working on it. today was just some tedious stuff at the stern mounting some angle brackets for a small removable deck for the gas tank and batteries to sit on.

The electrical is becoming way more costly that I would have predicted.

So far it's:
Custom Switch panel with breakers $169.00
2 -Timer Module: $70.00
Terminal Block: $15.00
Busbar: $17.34
inline fuse holder for timer: $9.00
Trolling motor 50a breaker $9.00
Total: $ 290...yikes... and I haven't bought any wire or connectors yet.
I'm fortunate I'm internet savvy as I haven't paid for shipping yet on anything, so at least I saved that and no sales tax.
I have a 14.5ft boat I just started working on and want to put a deck in it. How did you attach that aluminum angle to the boat? With screws or pop rivets? Also, how much weight will those angle brackets hold?

If I want to put a front deck on my boat can I just tun a piece of angle on each side of the hull and maybe 2 across? Or would that buckle from weight? I want it to hold 250lbs minimum.
bobcat_fisherman said:
I have a 14.5ft boat I just started working on and want to put a deck in it. How did you attach that aluminum angle to the boat? With screws or pop rivets? Also, how much weight will those angle brackets hold?

If I want to put a front deck on my boat can I just tun a piece of angle on each side of the hull and maybe 2 across? Or would that buckle from weight? I want it to hold 250lbs minimum.

I attached almost all the aluminum angle to the boat using 3/16" pop rivets. I never riveted thru the hull of the boat. I try to use the seats, existing front deck or ribs or transom (although for the transom I used 1" stainless #10 sheet metal screws). Don't be shy with the rivets, consider installing vertical angle braces and you should be ok.
Today I worked on the stern area of the boat. Had a slight dilemma trying to figure out how to fit the gas tank under the rear deck while going over the top of the new livewell intake hose. It was tedious to say the least. I had it worked out, but when I put it together the gas tank barely would not fit if I wanted to put in a back deck. So I had to axe having a small plywood platform on the bottom for the gas tank and just use the angle to support the tank. That gave me about 1/8" clearance I needed for the rear deck....literally took me all day...but the gas tank and battery now fit snugly under the decking.


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I did work on the boat all afternoon today, but no pictures. Last of the wood was cut and fitted and then I spent the day trimming 1/4" off of each edge to make room for carpeting. Also installed the floor in the storage area under the front deck. All wood is in my basement now ready for epoxy coating. Ran out of aluminum angle, so had to order some more. Amazing that I can order 3 8' pieces cheaper than I can buy 1 locally.
Livewell timer arrived...expecting the switch panel soon via UPS. Not looking forward to the wiring...my least favorite task.
Last thing to purchase will be the carpet.