1648 Semi-V Jon Mod (Completed)


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Well, the leak when an extra person is in my boat is still happening. I have no idea where it is coming from...somewhere in the front 1/4 of the boat I'm guessing. Me and my two 80lb dogs, no leaks.....me and a 250lb person up front and I'm bilging at every stop.

Anyone know of a underboat sealant or coating?

Also, for everything else, the boat, livewell and all is performing well.
My hummingbird has been a great asset, although it has trouble locating fish feeding on the bottom. My trolling motor has operated well, but is a bit undersized in a heavier wind and can't keep up trying to hold a position in deeper water.

Caught quite a few fish this past week on a hunting/fishing trip.


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Just had some time to read thru most of your build. Great ideas and great work.

Regarding the leak at the bow, that crack may extend lower than you can even see. I know that you can't see the back side of the V bow from inside the boat. It might be worthwhile to pull off the vertical panel, put the dogs or your buddy on the front deck and look under there with a good light while in the water. It may show you the length or limit of the cracked seam, or if there is another.

A bent aluminum panel, 3"-4" in each direction, in the length you need, slotted for the bow eye, "eased" or rounded edges and painted to match the boat, could be attached with sealant, pressed and held in place. Trim off the excess selanat with a razor blade and you've got a finished product. Done it before and it worked out great. Just an idea for you.

Enjoyed reasing the thread. Thanks for taking the time to document the build.
Just got around to doing the "tilt-test" today and it worked! Tilted the tongue down to the ground and filled the front of the boat with water. I found the tiny crack in the welded seam! Now to figure out how to repair it


I hope it's an easy fix. It's amazing how many welds there are on a riveted Jon these days. The only things that are riveted on mine are the seats, ribs and side caps, everything else is welded. I've had riveted boats that didn't have any welds.
[url=https://www.tinboats.net/forum/viewtopic.php?p=317158#p317158 said:
KevinWI » 03 Jun 2013, 12:08[/url]"]Got it welded today. Hope for the best

Ok Kevin don't keep us in suspense. :LOL2: How did the weld work out?

LOL....there is still a leak, but it's a lot less than before. Had 4 people in the boat for 4 hours and there wasn't enough for the bilge to suck. I think there is a pinhole near the weld but on the bottom that he didn't see from his position welding. Said when he was arcing the weld, the crack was bigger than we could see by naked eye...but the arc illuminates the crack so welded a longer patch seam. Then he mentioned paint contamination issue while he was welding.
The seam is welded well, I think the pinhole can be patched using 3M 5200 and call it good. The seam crack was important to be welded for structural stability.

Funny thing....I was pulling my boat at the launch by myself which I do often....my dad was on the way over to give a hand, but gave the motor a good goose to get the boat all the way on the trailer ......my dad says.... " now we know why you have leaks in your boat." LOL 8)
Well, 3 years later, my rig is still running great and standing up well.

Most importantly, it's still producing fish!!!


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Was raining too hard at work today to work :wink: Southwest Florida Marco Island. Si read the whole thread. Very informative and a great build thanks for posting and happy fishing!
Great build. I got a MV 1648 NCS that I'm currently building. I enjoyed following your posts and getting some great ideas. I'll have to get a thread going to post the progress. Keep slayin them eyes!