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Dec 7, 2023
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Leesburg FL
Hello all. I got this tinny about 2 months ago and I already love it. So far I’ve built a floor between the middle and front bench and like the feel of it. Though I believe that I would like to remove to middle bench and build a floor front the front bench to the rear bench as to open it up a bit. Also would like to install a swivel seat on a pedestal in place of the middle bench. That way I can turn all around for fishing a bit easier. Any recommendations on doing this mod? I’ve read a bit about needing to replace the structural support that the bench provides. What would be an easy way of doing that that is low weight and won’t take up much space?


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You will need some side support when that middle bench is removed. Some folks just take out a portion rather all if it to keep some support for the sides. Have saw somw with entire bench removed then added side supports inside. Put you thinking cap on and start creating !! Gonna need side support especially if you move up to a 15 hp !!
I agree with @airshot . Removing a section out of the middle of the bench works. To get an idea what it might look like, take a look at the thread in this forum titled "New to me Polarcraft". Another option is to build narrow storage boxes long the sides between the rear and front benches. Tie them into the floor and side of the hull.
If you remove the middle bench you can run floor supports front to back and that will give the boat a lot of support. I connected my floor supports to the front and rear benches.
Here’s what I did to reinforce the hull after deleting my center bench. Port side braces double as rod holders. Starboard braces integrate into a captains chair base. All braces are fixed up top to the original bench mount and on the bottom to the hull ribs. Not the quickest solution, but worked great for my build.